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August 16, 2002 - September 27, 2017

Tom Herrington, Class of  1956

April 20, 1938 - December 8, 2017






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* Amy Jane Ell​is Birzer, Class of 1958 (correction)

* Ed Martin, Jr., Class of 1945

William "Dale" Dingler, Class of 1965

Victor Storey, Class of 1965



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2018 Reunions




*** Class of 1958 *** 

 60th Class Reunion!!

May 4th & 5th 2018




Dear Classmates:

Please note our  ... 

Missing Classmates from AHS Class of  1958


If anyone has information about the following classmates, please contact me (contact info below) as soon as possible.  These classmates are: 

John Blakey, Jean Padgett Clark, Buford Connell, Herman Giddens, Leon Hatcher, Ben Jackson, Rebecca Jenkins Kerr, Jan Davis King, Jeanine Phillips Law, Reginald Paige, Mary McCrary Waddell, and  Quinnon Walker


Call Linda Cullom Jordan   828 389-3911 (Home)   or     828 516-8080 (Cell)       

or  E-mail address 

... and don't forget ....

Plans are now being made for our 60th class reunion in 2018.  We have booked Merry Acres Inn for Friday and Saturday nights, May 4 and 5, 2018.

Please mark this first weekend in May 2018 on your calendars and make your plans to attend. Please talk it up with other classmates and encourage them to come as well.


If you would, I ask that all of you please get in touch with me so I can get your updated information and can put together a current mailing list.


You may call me at my home (828 389-3911) or call/text me on my cell phone (828 516-8080). Or you can email me at or write me at 299 Old Homestead Lane, Hayesville, North Carolina 28904.


I look forward to hearing from you.

~ Linda Cullom Jordan


*** Tribe Notes ***


*** I am Hazel Sutton Brown's daughter. I believe she graduated in 1960.  Anne West Green told me you were looking for info.  She passed August 10, 2017. She was the 3rd of 4 sisters to pass.  Malinda was about 10 years younger and is still alive and living in Douglasville, GA.  I can find a link to Hazel's obit if you need me to.

Thanks, Kat Fisher

~ Thanks to Kat Brown Fisher, I was able to inform Hazel's Class of 1960 of her passing.

*** From Jim : In response to the loss of Hazel and Sammy, I got a message from Carol Rifkin Levine that I want to share:

"...and those special times. It's incredible how those years shaped us..Let's make our remaining years count! Take care.
 ~ Cookie"

*** Our Genealogic Consultant, Brenda Arnett Darbyshire ('67), combs the Find-a-Grave website for our deceased Indians.  Many times, a class year is not listed.  So, sometimes, I make the wrong determination, as I did in the November issue of "News & Clues" with Joyce Cohen's class.  Thanks to Ernest Sutton ('61) who saw the incorrect posting and claimed his classmate!

*** I would like to add my mom to list of deceased. I believe she graduated in 1954. However, I'm not 100% sure. She graduated with Myra Clark Johnson ('57). Her name was Rachel M. Kendall  (Beasley). She was born Aug 3, 1938 and passed Aug 13, 2008. 
~ Thank you, Sheri Beasley
*** Thanks for sharing,  I remember Rachel well. We were classmates for years. Graduated together.
 ~ Dionica Stewart Denson ('57)


In Memoriam ...

Not where I breathe, but where I loved ... I live!


*** Gregory Holsey, Class of 1982

*** Rachel M. Kendall Beasley, Class of 1957

*** Kathryn Beaver, mother of Winnie Beaver Turoski, Class of 1983

Hazel Sutton Brown, Class of 1960

Benjamin “Sam” S. Engram, Jr., Class of 1960

*** Skippi Moncrief, Posey, Class of 1961; sister of David Moncrief, Class of 1963

***Jimmie Gordon Haire, Class of 1964

*** Thomas "Tommy" Henry Herrington, Jr., Class of 1956, husband of Beverly Smith Herrington, Class of 1955

*** Theodore "Ted" Knight Cahill, Sr., Class of 1955

*** Brenda Douglas Glover, Class of 1969

*** Marvin Lewis, husband of Katrino Hutto Lewis, Class of 1955

*** Careen Hatcher Miller, Class of 1954


*** Marybeth Hall Davis, Class of 1961; sister of Hazel Hall Burger, Class of 1953

***  John "Bunky" Salyer, Class of 1954




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If we make it to December 29th, Nancy (Winter) and I will celebrate our 64th Wedding Anniversary.  We started dating on her 16th birthday while we were both in AHS.
She followed me to Mercer where we were still dating only each other.  Then to the army at Ft Benning where we married in 1954. 

Still very much in love.
Two children, seven grandchildren and one great-grandchild.    
Bill Huggins
Class of 1947 

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 ~ Beverly Smith Herrington, Class of 1955!!!






Thanks to Martha LeSueur Nicholson ('56) and and Marian Chambless Sherman for article!

Amazing Grace: Still going strong at 100

100-year-old Albany resident still volunteers at church

By Cindi Cox

Dec 5, 2017 Updated Dec 5, 2017

ALBANY Grace Walker turned 100 years old last month, but that hasn’t slowed her down. She said strong faith, the decision to keep moving and an unfaltering commitment to serving her church keep her happy, healthy and focused on the good life.

“A priest once asked me when I was going to retire,” Walker said. “I pointed to my feet and said as long as they keep working, I will keep on moving. Then I pointed to my head and said as long as it still works I will keep right on. I will never retire.”

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Walker, who says she has been blessed with good health, can be found working the desk in the main office at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Albany.

“I’ve been on this desk for about 40 years,” Walker said. “It’s just something I have always done.”

Walker’s duties include assisting with church mailings and preparing the Sunday bulletin.

An Albany resident nearly all her life, Walker said she was christened and confirmed as a child at St. Paul’s. She was born on Nov. 11, 1917 — Veterans Day.

In an interview with church historian Leigh Hall, Walker recalled a big white house that sat adjacent to the church where the parking lot is now located. That was where she attended Sunday school under the direction of an instructor she remembers as “Mrs. Fannie.” Walker also recalled swimming in the “blue hole” and attending church picnics at Radium Springs.

At that time, downtown Albany was a huge block featuring two fancy hotels (the Gordon and the New Albany) and two major stores (Rosenberg’s which now houses The Albany Herald offices and Churchwell’s). Walker also recalled swimming in the pool at Tift Park, playing kick the can and hide-n-seek out in the streets.

At 5 years old, Walker said she went to the cotton mill school. She lived at 1415 North Monroe St., right on the edge of the mill village. She graduated from Albany High School in 1934.

Before volunteering in the office at St. Paul’s, Walker helped prepare the alter for every church service. Her husband was a “staunch” Baptist. On Sunday mornings, she said, he would drop her off at her church and he would go on to his.

“We never let any of that matter,” she said. “He had his church and I had mine.”

Walt Walker owned and operated Walker Cooling and Heating Co. Grace Walker said she helped him out in the office. Before that, she worked at the Air Force Base in Albany. She also volunteered at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital for many years. In 2011, she was honored by Phoebe as volunteer of the year.

“I put in 147 volunteer hours at Phoebe,” she said.

Asked what she did as a volunteer at the hospital, Walker said she visited the patients.

“When the lady I worked with retired, I stopped, too,” Walker said regarding her time at Phoebe.

Walker was 40 years old when she decided she wanted children.

“My husband asked if I was sure I wanted to do this and I said yes,” Walker said. “I had two children — both born on Dec. 15, a couple of years apart.”

Before starting a family, Walker said she and her husband did a lot of traveling.

“He sold York products, and they were always giving him trips,” she said. “Our first trip was to Bermuda. We could see the Rock of Gibraltar right out of our hotel window.”

The couple also went to Rome, Germany, Copenhagen, Acapulco and several other places.

“We had some wonderful times,” she said.

Her husband was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1981.

Today she lives in the country, near Dawson, next door to her daughter, Francis, and her son-in-law, Danny Smith.

“I have my own house and they have theirs,” she said.”We are close, but we each have our own life.”

Walker said she still handles her own cooking and cleaning. When she isn’t volunteering, she enjoys sitting outside and watching for deer in the backyard.

“My children got me a swing for my 80th birthday, and they put it up in the carport so I can sit outdoors,” she said. “In the summertime, I can watch the children playing in the backyard pool.”

Her secret to health and long life is simple: It is a state of mind.

“I have good genes,” she said. “I keep moving, and I don’t slow up. I know God is going to take care of me.”



Submitted by Bruce Garey, Class of 1963


ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Good Life City may soon be the set of a horror film. Producers and writers with Londonderry spent the day in Albany on Tuesday, scoping out places to shoot the movie.

And they've got their eyes on Albany High School.

"The name of the movie is Exorcism at Lincoln High. Essentially it's about a haunted high school," explained Kevin Connolly, an actor, director and producer you may be familiar with.

Connolly spent time touring a few schools in Dougherty County on Tuesday, looking for a place to film the movie he's co-producing.

MORE: Georgia named top filming location worldwide

"Not a whole bunch of films have been shot here so it's all fresh territory," explained Connolly.

Connolly, along with Jay Seals and head of Londonderry Films, Chip Flaherty will be producing the movie. Horror-film legend Steve Miner will direct.

"So to think that he (Miner) is going to come to Albany and be part of the dream team we have coming down here is just great," said Flaherty, who was the co-founder of Walden Media, before being hired as EVP of Londonderry, LLC, and President of Londonderry Films.

Londonderry, led by Patrick Millsaps has been working with the Albany, Dougherty County EDC, Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitor's Bureau for the last year to get to where they are today with the film. As a film-ready community, they saw Albany as a perfect fit.

"We're hoping that the Atlanta film miracle, that really has exploded in Georgia, makes its way to Albany and we hope that we are the first people to get the ball going," explained Flaherty.

The producers said it's been great to be in Albany, learning about a new city and culture.

MORE: 'Camera Ready' works to bring more films to South GA

"It's been just a really great experience to come down here, everybody is opening the doors," said Co-producer Seals. "They are so happy to have us and we couldn't be more excited to be here."

The crew expects to be in Albany for about 10 weeks starting in January to shoot the movie at a number of different locations.

"Albany High, Monroe High," said Connolly. "We are going to use a mix and match of those schools. We're going to shoot at a church and a few houses, local houses."

Producers said they know the movie will be a great success. They hope it will come to fruition soon.

"Hopefully before you know it everybody will be in their seats, drinking big giant sodas seeing the Exorcism at Lincoln High," said Seal.

Members of the Dougherty County School system were part of the tour on Tuesday.

The crew is ready to move forward, but the school board must decide before the producers can use the buildings.

And good news for future actors and actresses, the crew said they're hoping to hire a few locals to make their movie debut.



~ More Billy Chancey, etc !!!

~by Dave Sherman, Class of 1961

Your November edition brought back more memories.  I well recall Billy Chancey downtown with his six shooters.  On occasion, he could really take someone from out of town by surprise when he would pull them both out of their holsters and point  at them, they not knowing him like the rest of us did.  It could be fun to watch. 


My father, Mercer Sherman, was the adopted son of M.W. Tift and spent his entire career working with granddaddy as VP of M.W. Tift Wholesale Grocery Co. They did business with many small grocery stores located all over SOWEGA until the company closed in 1957 when he continued to manage grandaddy’s rental properties and his farm in Calhoun County.  

His and granddaddy’s offices were in the Tift Warehouse, now owned by the Thronateska Heritage Center. which was constructed in 1857 and was Albany’s original railroad passenger and freight depot.  It has many large doors along both sides that were used for loading and unloading and storing contents of railroad boxcars that would pull up on tracks located on either side of the building, and it was those doors that Mary would check out one by one to see if they were open.

That building, and the Old Bridge House, both built before the Civil War by Col. Nelson Tift, are now the two oldest commercial structures that have survived in Albany.  Thronateeska Heritage has partially restored some of the deteriorating brick walls.

My father would sometimes ask Mary when he saw her down there what she was doing it for, knowing the answer in advance, as it was always the same “Looking for Junior”. 

And I recall that 1950’s (?) movie with, I think, tryouts being held in Tift Park about where the Teen Center was later located.  The cameraman’s camera was a hand cranked affair where he put his head under a black cloth to use it,  and I have never seen one like it used before or since.   I think the product was shown one time only somewhere in Albany, and I think parents had to pay a fee of some sort for their kids to be in it, but I am really vague on this.




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