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!!! INDIAN PRIDE !!!  


Many Indians who knew Mac Williams, Class of 1954, were aware that he was special.  In his death, we learned so much more!  I asked his brother, Tommy Williams, Class of 1957, for permission to publish his beautifully written and expressed Eulogy for Mac.  He was kind enough to share with us all!



Major General Harold J.M. Williams (Mac), USAF

AHS Class of 1954


I still miss Mac … always will … but I pray that he’s now safe in God’s hands … and that he’s still celebrating with Rebecca, with our mother and dad and with so many other very special relatives, classmates and friends … and, I’m thinking also … just maybe … he’s having fun with two of his favorite dogs – the famous Basset Hounds, Gabriel and Beauregard … and we can’t forget Isabella … the cleverest conniving cat you ever saw.

Mac’s wife, Pat, and her family wanted me to thank all of you who have been such great relatives and friends through the years and to especially thank you for being here today to celebrate Mac’s life. We know most of you have come a long way.

First … I want to acknowledge our sister’s great love for Mac. Lynda wanted to be here so very much but could not travel due to her own illness. Please pray for her.

Now … here we are at Mac’s beloved West Point where he first joined The Long Grey Line in the early summer of 1954 … 64 long years ago. And, I am so glad that we’re gathered here in this beautiful 182 year-old chapel where the lives of thousands of our nation’s heroes have been both mourned and celebrated over those many years. Tradition and nostalgia hang heavy over all of West Point, but I’m thinking … that nowhere on the Academy grounds is it heavier than in this place of worship.  For if we sit quietly in this old chapel, we just might hear the reverberating echoes of thousands of deeply earnest prayers that have been offered up from this pulpit and these pews by pastors, cadets, and so many others over these many years … quiet solemn prayers for our country and for God’s help, guidance and protection.

But this old chapel has also been a place for deep personal meditation for Mac and other cadets who must have been searching through their permanently embedded feelings of patriotism and life-long commitments to Duty, Honor, Country. In my mind, there could not be a more perfect setting to bid our earthly farewells to Mac Williams …

For the last four or five years, Mac and Pat and Bonnie and I have spent almost all our time together reminiscing and laughing … avoiding most serious subjects … just reminiscing and laughing … either over the phone or together at their home in San Antonio where… Mac and I would occasionally steal away to his man-cave upstairs … we’d talk about old times … childhood dreams … childhood goals … dreams and goals that, surprisingly, never changed much over the years.

So we’d talk … and now and again, Mac would say something like, “You know, Tom, we really have lived long, full lives despite all those crazy things we did as kids. And we actually did reach many of our crazy goals. And we made a few impacts. We have really had a good long run.”

And the part of “that good long run” that I know best – the first 18 years of Mac’s life -- is my focus this morning. I’ll begin with one example of those crazy things we did as kids that Mac must have been thinking about … and “crazy” is just not the right word … the clinical word is “insane.” You’ll see what I mean.

Mac had his first flight experience when he was only 9 years old … but what a flight it was … we couldn’t go to Kitty Hawk to get him airborne … so we settled for the backyard of our home on Bobbitt Drive in Albany, Georgia.  And … I can still see Mac running across our barn roof … all suited up with his homemade wings … made in accordance with Popular Mechanics Magazine instructions … and then, there he was … he had reached the edge of the shed roof at full speed… his mighty muscles coiled, about to leap head first into space.

Now I have to interject something here … the best way to describe what happened next is to recall the first line of John Gillespie McGee’s immortal poem, “High Flight,” … and it goes like this: “Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth …”

Well … in Mac’s case…he just slipped … right before liftoff … on the edge of the shed roof … and, watch this (use hand to describe a straight-down flight path).  And … you’ll remember … Mac talked about making big impacts …well he made one that day.  Really funny to me … and it was only one of many times Mac threatened me with a painful death if I didn’t stop laughing … “and go get Mama!”

Over the years, Mac and I also talked often about our great parents. The good Lord truly blessed us. Here’s a couple of reasons why I can say this:

We never heard either Mom or Dad raise their voices or say a harsh word to each other … not ever … not once … I’m still amazed at that, even after all these years. Instead of fighting, our parents laughed together … lots. Mac and I did the fighting. But, here’s the most important thing about our home life ... there was always a strong emphasis on faith, with frequent Bible-reading sessions led by our mother. And, she not only had strong faith … she not only knew the scriptures … she acted out both her faith and the scriptures in the most amazing ways.

Just one example: She saw the need for a new Baptist church in our hometown. So with lots of prayers, lots of help – support from Dad – she started that church … and it’s still alive and vigorous and growing today … truly amazing. They tell us we all should leave something of value behind … well … our mom did that in a big way … with God’s help.

So … we had a great home life. But we also grew up in a terrific hometown … Albany, Ga.

* In the late 50’s, one national magazine rated it #6 of the ten best places to live in the country.

* The schools had an abundance of genuine role models among our teachers and coaches.


* Albany’s churches were full on Sunday mornings. The ministers were eloquent, inspirational and cared deeply about their community. I still remember parts of some of those sermons

Now, the great outdoors readily available in and around Albany was our venue … and we loved it all … water skiing, camping, fishing, hunting and especially the long canoe trips down the Flint River.

Like most kids of the day, we wanted to be tested and the Flint River that flows through our hometown offered one of the best tests available. In the 50’s, the National Hydrographic Guide listed the Flint as the most treacherous lowland river in the country … the flint rocks in the rapids could slice a canoe like melted butter. Mac and I built many great memories on that river and on the lakes and natural springs all around our hometown.

So … I hope this all sets the backdrop for a review of the major milestones of Mac’s first 18 years.
And the first milestone occurred on May 5th 1939 when he was almost three and got his first lucky break … and, folks, that first break was huge! You’re wondering what it was … well ... I was born! And there’s no doubt in my mind that I personally jump-started his great career as soon as I yanked on my diapers and grabbed my bottle.


Two reasons why I can say that:
 First … Mac now had someone with whom to share his wisdom … which was considerable for a three-year old.
 Second … he had someone to supervise … supervise? … wrong word … he had someone to command … someone to help him sharpen his leadership skills. Can you believe it? Only 3 years old, folks, and already a leader!

The next major milestone in Mac’s life came in 1942 shortly after Pearl Harbor. Several of our relatives went off to war in both Europe and the Pacific … and they immediately became our first real-life, homegrown heroes … and like almost all Americans back then, we developed a great patriotic fervor … and we never lost it ... it only grew stronger in the years that followed …

Another milestone … when I was 7 and Mac was 10, we were at the dinner table one evening when Mac asked our Dad to tell us what things he most wanted us to do as we grew up? Dad immediately replied, “Join the Boy Scouts!” Mom said, “Oh …Yes!”

And when we came of age, we joined … and the fun began … but more importantly … the character development our parents had begun was now being reinforced and broadened.

Now, I want to tell you why I said this was a big milestone. Scouting was really popular in those days for both boys and girls. It offered plenty of adventure but it also was focused on character building. Just listen to the Scout Law:

A Scout is: Trustworthy – Loyal – Helpful – Friendly – Courteous – Kind – Obedient – Cheerful – Thrifty – Brave – Clean - and Reverent.

Sounds to me like the keys to a successful and rewarding life of service to God and Country … and also service to others less fortunate … service that I think should be a huge part of all our lives …

Next Milestone: During those Boy Scout years, Mac was awarded a free trip to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico by the Area Scout Council.

At Philmont, he would experience long, exhausting treks through the rugged mountain wilderness which today still presents a great challenge for young men and women … and those long treks produced something our hero John Wayne would call… “true grit”…

And true grit is another embedded character trait that Mac would bring here to West Point years later and use to get past many other challenges over his lifetime.

Another big Milestone … the most important of all in terms of character development … Mac joined the Baptist Church while a freshman in high school. He never talked about it much afterwards, but I knew it was a big step for him and in some important ways it validated his entire upbringing. And all along the way … Mac was my leader and my role model. I followed in his footsteps … but of course … I would never admit that to him.

But then in high school, following in his footsteps started to get tougher … the imprints of those footsteps seemed to be getting bigger and bigger.

I’ll explain this way: Mac became a star on the high school football and track teams … he made some big imprints!  Meanwhile, I was a member of the football and track teams … ‘nuff said!

Now … talking about big milestones …check out this next one:

The hit movie, The Spirit of West Point, premiered in 1947. Mac was 11 and I was 8 when we went to see it at the New Albany Theatre. I believe that movie had everything to do with getting Mac focused on West Point early in his life. And it all worked out for him… he passed the week-long physical and academic entrance examinations, then received confirmation of his appointment in the late spring of his senior year … and what a celebration our family had on that great day!

Mac entered the Academy as I said in the summer of ’54 and another great adventure began!

Now ... being naturally modest … I have not mentioned any of my own milestones. But let it be known … I did have one milestone Mac could never equal despite his best efforts … It was a glorious day when Dad told Mac and me to stand back-to-back … and lo and behold … I was suddenly almost an inch taller than my big brother … who of course was now my little brother. Finally … I had outperformed this guy …this little man … what a milestone! And, folks, I know I really celebrated that day but I can’t remember exactly what grief I laid on Mac at the time ... but I’m pretty sure it was something really smart … something our hero, John Wayne, might have said … like:

“Well, hello there lil’ pilgrim … now I don’t want you to worry none, lil’ fella’ … ‘cause you know I’m gonna’ take good care of you.”

Now I ask you ... is that not an inspiring story?

And, now for the smartest, luckiest and most blessed milestone of Mac’s entire life … and I know everybody here today will agree with me. It occurred in 1960 … when he married the beautiful Miss Patricia Posey … my notes say pause for applause here. Without doubt, it was a match made in Heaven . Mac’s good qualities were reinforced by Patricia’s good qualities. Mac’s weaknesses were offset by Pat’s strengths. She learned quickly which buttons to press when Mac veered off course. She kept the family laughing. She kept all of us laughing. And she knew how to raise great kids … the proof is sitting with her here today.

To sum it all up … Pat was indeed the biggest blessing of my brother’s life.  

Pat … you know we all love you.

So, my objective here today was to cover Mac’s first 18 years with a light touch on his West Point years.

As for Mac’s Air Force career milestones, his resume is truly impressive. Gordon England covered some of Mac’s civilian and military accomplishments at the service in San Antonio and did a great job of it.

I’ll just add this: it’s no surprise that Mac always sought out the hard jobs … the jobs with the biggest challenges … the biggest impacts … and he left his mark of excellence on every single one. And, I do not think he could have achieved so much … and risen to the rank of Major General without first passing first through all those major milestones of his first 18 years … plus the 4 years here at West Point.

And let me give an example: I spoke earlier of one of Mac’s major milestones … competing in football and track … two sports that really test your “true grit” …

We all ate dinner last evening at the Thayer Hotel in the dining room named after 5-star General Douglas MacArthur … who most consider West Point’s greatest wartime leader. And I was reminded of a great quote of his that must be memorized by incoming cadets … and for good reason: He said:
“On the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds that on other days, on other fields will bear the fruits of victory”

The general was really on to something there. Obviously, he was talking about athletic “fields” and shooting wars … but I’ll trespass on his great eloquence to add that the message in his quote applies to almost every difficult challenge, every difficult endeavor in life. And … that for me is true wisdom.

Mac and I served in different Air Force Combat Commands throughout our careers except during the Vietnam War. We both flew F-4 fighters during that conflict.

And … I’m almost done

They say youth is wasted on the young … well I’m not sure I agree with that … for me, it’s more like wisdom is wasted on the old.

So, in the interest of not wasting even a tiny bit of wisdom … I want to share a couple of things that Mac and I agreed on long ago … I’ll direct my comments primarily to Mac’s grandchildren … but also to my grandchildren.

* First … Christ tells us over and over to be humble … and for so many good reasons. Mac was a high-achiever all during his high school years, but he remained humble … and that helped explain his great popularity.

* And … Mac had a photograph of a beautiful scene at Philmont Scout Ranch hanging on his wall in San Antonio. Underneath the photograph, etched on a plaque, there was a quote taken from Henry David Thoreau’s writings that read:

 “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”

* I think that just might be the best advice ever captured in only 4 lines of poetry. Let me repeat the last few words:
 “… and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived”

• What it says to me is this:

Grandkids … keep your young lives rockin’ … as your grandfather did … and you’ll never lose your youth.
 Live your dreams … as your grandfather did …
 Drive hard toward your highest goals … but accept your failures as they come … gobble up your lessons learned and press on … as your grandfather did … But keep some balance in your life.  If driving hard toward your personal goals means you cannot tend to the other essentials of your life, then you’re chasing the wrong goal … or you’re chasing it the wrong way
And … check in often with the good Lord … to be absolutely certain those dreams you are pursuing are still your dreams and His dreams … that they are still in accord with the life plan God laid out for you long before you were born.

I’m quoting Psalm 32:8 taken from the New Living Translation,
 “The Lord says, I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.”
God doesn’t promise the easiest pathway but the best pathway to the victories He has planned for you,

I love that verse … what a great promise … what a great way to live your best life with confidence in God’s help all along the way!

Final thoughts … my brother and I were taught to be positive in all that we would do during our lives … we believed that positive thinking is pure magic! And Mac was still working that magic when he left home at 18 …

But, here’s the real kicker for me:
I believe faith in God is truly the highest form of positive thinking … I believe that faith in God puts positive thinking on steroids … and yes, it is very addictive, and thank God for that too … it truly juices up our lives.

My time is up.
*  God bless us all.

* God bless West Point and the Corps
*  God Bless our country and God bless all who serve it


And … for you, Mr. Henry David Thoreau, God Bless you too, … wherever you may be.  But I have some good news for you, Mr. Thoreau … I think you should know that Mac Williams was indeed very ambitious and he lived his life his own unique way… but one thing’s for sure …


Mac Williams did not, when he came to die ... discover that he had not lived.  



A Word About Thomas W. Williams, Eulogist

(borrowed from the Class of 1957, Albany High School, 50 Year Reunion publication)


Tommy Williams left Albany Georgia for Colorado Spring, the Air Force Academy, and a military career.  He flew five different fighter aircraft over his twenty-six Air Force years (including eleven years in Europe, Vietnam, and the Philippines).  Staff assignments also kept his interest - the Pentagon, the White House during the Ford/Rockefeller years and the original stealth technology development team.






Our Indians Who Served!!! 



*  Johnny Edward Killebrew, Class of 1963

* Karl Heinzman, Class of 1955

* Bobby J. Connell, Class of 1958

* Judson Chester Banks Jr., "Chet", Class of 1961



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*** Tribe Notes ***


*** This was submitted July 2, 2018, 13 days before Mr. Metropolis of Quickie's died (see ALBANY MEMORIES WE REMEMBER! below).

Do you remember the Quickie restaurant when it was in the 200 block of Pine Street? George Metropolis was one of the owners. He sold to his partners and moved to Athens, purchased Tony’s Restaurant – Italian restaurant, Chinese chef (cook in those days) and Greek owner. He was a friend of my father and me and it was great to eat with him. Fredda joined me for breakfast after an 8 o’clock class that day and as I paid the bill I got a chocolate covered mint and wished her Happy Valentines. Did not know that penny mint would last 53 years. Glad it has. And that is the rest of the story.
~ Tom Robinson, Class of 1961

Thank you so much Mrs. Herrington for adding my mother, Lynn Johnson Hubler, Class of 1967 to "In Memoriam". It truly means the world to me and I know momma would be happy as well.  Her daddy (my grandfather) was Maxwell (Max) Johnson and he was retired from the Albany Herald as the composing superintendent. I am still very much connected to A.H.S., as my momma loved that school dearly and one of my dearest and longest friends lived 3 doors down from my Grandpa's house on 10th Avenue off Slappey. She graduated from A.H.S. in 2000. I can't help but kind of feel like I am from Albany since my momma and my grandparents (Max and Evelyn Johnson) lived there all their lives and were very connected within the community.

I would love to hear some stories about my momma from her days in school. If anyone wants to reach out, they can
contact me through email or my Facebook. Thank you so so so much.

If you can remember will you let me know when you put it out and where I can look. If not, I totally understand. Life can get busy sometimes.

Thank you for all of your help.

~ Leah Hubler, daughter of Lynn Johnson Hubler, Class of 1967 leahhubler@yahoo.com

* Leah I have added your name to an email folder for people interested in Albany High School!

Johnny Edward Killebrew, Class of 1963, was in the US Air Force from 1965 - 1968. Completed: basic training at Lackland Air Force base (Texas), Tech Training in Montgomery, Alabama; served in the Dental Clinic of Hickam AFB, Honolulu Hawaii for the remainder of his enlistment.

Is there a directory or "locator" type file? We have lost touch with fellow 1963 classmate, Kenneth Gainous. The last two attempts to send Christmas cards failed. Thank you for any assistance...
~ Elizabeth Megginson Killebrew, Class of 1963
* Sadly, Kenneth Gainous is listed as deceased in "In Memoriam"

Please change my email address. Thanks!
~ Kathryne Meeks (maiden) Sanders - Class of 1961

Like husband Pete (deceased) told me one time “we are not related we are just married!” We were married for 29 years. I just recently happened on this site by accident – even though I graduated from Dougherty, I knew many of the students at Albany H S. from elementary school. I also met many AHS students while attending Albany Junior College.

Thanks for all the work on the website; it is such a wonderful resource. As I said, I graduated from Dougherty and to my knowledge we do not have this even though classes 65-69 have a gathering every year and are all still pretty close. This is a really great thing you have here. Thanks again, for the response. Pete was a great person.
~ Vickie Southwell Lewis EdS LPC NCC NCSC.
Monroe High School

One of the most meaningful TASKS of "News & Clues" is the notification of our deceased Indians. Sometimes, in order to respond to a name submitted by a friend or family member, we have to do some research. For the males, if we have the city or mortuary, it is an easy process. For the females whose maiden names are often not included in the obituary, it is not easy.

Years ago, an unexpected visit from a classmate, caused me to rethink how I presented my name! I was playing the organ postlude at Mt. Zion UMC (Marietta, GA) one Sunday morning, and when I finished, someone in back of me said, "Beverly"? I turned around and it was my 1955 classmate Carol Houston (Warner and Beverly's little sister)!!! She went on to say, "I looked at the bulletin and saw Beverly, but there was no Smith, so I wasn't sure."  I was so glad she did come back to check ... it was so great to see her!

From that time on, I have always included my maiden name ... as Beverly Smith Herrington. In working with "Albany High Times", I have learned that to give up your maiden name, disconnects you in ways you might not want to be disconnected. I was never one to be "hyphenated" ... but I do wish girls would cherish their maiden name and use it. Especially in obituaries, the maiden name is seldom used. And I can tell you, in trying to find the girl's obituaries, more times than not, I have to seek out the parent's last name to determine if I have the right person or not.

I was having this very (email) conversation with one of our great Indians of the 40's.... Bill Huggin ('47)s.  He wrote ..."Unfortunately there is no set protocol for handling this name problem for you girls. It’s the bane of all genealogists. My wife uses Nancy Winter Huggins ('49). No hyphen. Don’t know the origin of the hyphen. Cultural, I think.

Also, got a nice call from Aloha Mallard Saye ('47).  She and husband James Leben are the only two I still am in touch with now.  I miss Ralph Calhoun ('47) who used to write occasionally. I had a nice visit from his brother James ('50) when he was in Albany to preach at the 1st Methodist Church. I didn’t get to go hear him but had a nice two hour visit here in my home with him. We grew up in the 400 block of Second Avenue in the ‘40’s. He calls himself Jim now so I didn’t recognize who he was when he called.

P.S. I have, in addition to paying attention to the Albany Herald obits, attempted in looking up each deceased classmate on the SSDI web site. I got most of them, but some of the girls I never knew their maiden names, and if I did then when they remarried I lost them again. The boys were easy. There are a few I have listed in the ‘47 class who were never there. Cecil Gibbs was one. Dick Caldwell has been claimed by another class also. Charles England was with us in the lower classes, but moved from Albany before high school. We claimed him anyway, but I could never find him anywhere. In our 50th reunion I was in charge of finding everybody after 50 years. Before the internet. It was actually fun. I started with 127 and found 126. Johnnie Stokes I could never find. She married a military man and moved to Ft. Stewart, Ga. I had an assistant school superintendent surreptitiously look her school records up and found she made application to Mercer University and Georgia Baptist for further education. There the trail went cold and died. So I started the rumor she was in attendance at the reunion and was somewhere amongst us all. All in fun.
~ Bill Huggins, Class of 1947
NOTE: There are "shepherds amongst us" ... those who keep their class roll. Bill Huggins is but one!!!  If you keep the roll for your class, please send your name, class and email address.  That would be a big help!

Will my class (1944) be having a reunion?
~ Joe Simmons, Class of 1944

NOTE:  How I wish we could do that ... a reunion for all the 40's!!!  Anyone interested in helping? 

I am Dan Lipsey's ('56) widow and your letter touched me as I have been going through the same thing. I know how hard all those things you spoke of can be, and my heart goes out to you. Dan has been gone since December of 2016 and I still have some difficult days every once in a while. I pray God will bless you and yours.
~ Laurie Lipsey

Until we go through it, we can only imagine what you're going through. Thanks for opening some of our eyes as to things that need to be taken care of.
~Ted Horton, “65”
* Thanks so much Ted, you understand! I was surprised at the men who wrote a similar response!  But we women ...we need to understand too, it works both ways.
~ Beverly

I need to add my brother, Charles Scott Allison, Class of 1978.
Thank you,
~ Nancy Allison Thompson

My husband, Judson Chester Banks Jr., "Chet", Class of 1961, was drafted into the U.S. Army in the late '60's for two years. He served in the Artillery during the Vietnam war. While he graduated with the Class of 1961, his closest friends were in the Class of 1960. He passed away on September 6, 2017, from lung cancer.
~ Eleanor Simpson Banks, Class of 1962

My name is Pamela Cockroft, AHS Class of 1960. I want to thank all who have put together Albany High Times. What a great idea and wonderful way to keep a part of the Albany Heritage alive. Please add me to your subscription list. Do you have a charge for the subscription? How often do you publish? By the way, I have notified my brother, Ronald Cockroft, Class of 1964 (who is listed as "missing") to notify you so he can be "found." Thanks again,
~ Pamela Cocroft, Class of 1960
* Pamela ... Welcome!!! There is absolutely no charge and though this issue is July/August ... it usually goes out every month. I will gladly add your name to the Class of 1960, and notify Jim Hall.  Hope someone will respond about your brother.  If not - I'll see what I can do!!! 
~ Beverly 

Dan Stevens' (1953/ D) daughter, Dani Stevens Tippins, AHS class of 1978, wanted me to ask you if you would please put her name on the list for "News & Clues."
* Such a delightful young woman!!!

Thank you so much for this and all that you do to keep AHS alumni informed and connected.
Joanne Smith, Class of 1958~
~ Gladly!!! Thanks Joanne!

Prayers for the family from a fellow 1966 graduate of AHS
~ James Blewett ('66)

Like (husband) Pete told me one time “we are not related we are just married!” We were married for 29 years. I just recently happened on this site by accident – even though I graduated from Dougherty, I knew many of the students at Albany H S. from elementary school. I also met many AHS students while attending Albany Junior College.

Thanks for all the work on the website; it is such a wonderful resource. I graduated from Dougherty and to my knowledge we do not have this even though classes 65-69 have a gathering every year and are all still pretty close. This is a really great thing you have here.

Thanks again, for the response. Pete was a great person.
~ Vickie Southwell Lewis EdS LPC NCC NCSC
Monroe High School
Bonnie and I returned from West Point late Sunday night. The service for Mac went well in every way and more of the extended family and friends made it to the service than expected. Mac was buried in a beautiful spot only a few steps from the old chapel.

You asked if I would share the eulogy for Mac … copy attached … and thanks for asking.
~ Tom(my) Williams, Class of 1957
So sorry for your loss Beverly. Sounds like you are doing just what you need to do. BUSY! My Jim has been gone 10 years and the pain has eased, but never goes away. Time does help, but as I said KEEP Busy! You are in my prayers,
~ With Love, Eva Gregory, Class of 1954
I'm not an Indian! Should have been but my parents moved to Valdosta when I was 10. I'm a Wildcat! Four of my sisters and brothers were Indians, along with six nieces and nephews. My sister, Beatrice Connell, is on In Memoriam. She was 19 years older than me. I graduated in 1967. My brother, Bobby Connell, should have been on there but I don't think he graduated. He was 11 years older than me and I think he went in the Navy before he graduated. I'm not sure if the memoriam is just for graduates?
I'm not sure when he left school. I was very young but I do remember some men coming to the house to get Daddy to sign so Bobby could go in the Navy because he was too young to sign himself. Looking forward to getting all the News and Clues! Thank you so much for looking into this!!

~ Baslyn K. Connell Helwig (sister)

 *** Baslyn ... have added you into the "Interested" Group to receive "News & Clues" - those who did not graduate from AHS. I have added Bobby, who served our country at a very young age, to the list of Indians who "SERVED"!


Interesting notes on Jeri Louise Stevens. I read in the article that Dan Stevens was her father. Dan was a Class of '53 classmate. Do you know if Dan is still alive and living in Albany?
~ Bob Gotsch AHS'53
***Sadly, Dan Stevens died a few years ago. 


Hi, if you Google Williams Seafood Albany Georgia flood, you can see a video of the 1989 flood damage. The comment of the guy who posted it refers to Williams/Tadpoles and, of minor interest (to me, as a retired attorney) you can see a Georgia Supreme Court Decision on insurance coverage for the destruction of Williams due to a sinkhole precipitated by flooding. I note this decision came in 2001, seven years after the flood/sinkhole, but at least it was favorable to Williams. Ain't the internet grand? I just don't remember Tadpoles. The suggestion is that it was in the same vicinity as Williams. Do you know?
~Kay Hackney Grant (1961)
*** Kay ... here is what we found about "Tadpole's" which was opened by Pearly Gates, who owns  "Pearly's" on Slappey Drive (originally Burger Chef).


For the rest of the story... http://ahtsnewsandclues.albanyhightimes.com/june_2018.htm  go toward the end of the newsletter for the rest of the story ... appearing in Albany High Times' "News & Clues" in June 2018 issue.

Do you remember the Quickie restaurant when it was in the 200 block of Pine Street? George Metropolis was one of the owners. He sold to his partners and moved to Athens, purchased Tony’s Restaurant – Italian restaurant, Chinese chef (cook in those days) and Greek owner. He was a friend of my father and me and it was great to eat with him.


Fredda joined me for breakfast after an 8 o’clock class that day and as I paid the bill I got a chocolate covered mint and wished her Happy Valentines.  Did not know that penny mint would last 53 years. Glad it has. And that is the rest of the story!

~ Tom Robinson, Class of 1961


In Memoriam ...

Not where I breathe, but where I loved ... I live!


Harold J.M. (Mac) Williams, Class of 1954; brother of Tommy, Class of 1957, and Martha Lynda , Class of 1961

Bill Crawford, Class of 1958

Dorothy "Ann" Yancey Atwater, Class of 1958

William Rountree Lewis, Class of 1956

Jeri Louise Stevens, Class of 1960

Jessie Lee Pressley, class unknown

Marva Larouses Moore-Harris, Class of 1968

Robert H. Prevatte, III; Class of 1958

  Lisa Pamela Johnston Willis, daughter of Proctor Johnston ('54) and Pam Tyler Johnston ('55-D)

Ben Holland, II; Class of 1963

Richard Creel, Class of 1960; brother of John Creel, Class of 1959

Ronnie Coleman, Class of 1961

William Larry Watson, Class of 1962

Nancy Hall Hoyl, Class of 1967

Flora Jean McMillan Summerlin, Class of 1963

William Russell McManus, Class of 1970

Jeanette Langford Cosey, Class of 1947

Alicia Ann Lawson Jones, Class of 1974

Patricia Ann "Pat" Bradley Meyers, Class of 1959

Charles Inman Owens, Jr., Class of 1940

Phillip Powell, Class of 1966

Beverly Lynn Johnson Hubler, Class of 1967

Daniel R. "Pete" Lewis Jr., Class of 1966

  Marco Mason, Class of 2003; husband of LaShonta Williams-Mason, Class of 2003 

  Robert Cecil Strickland, Class of 1965

  Leslie Buford (Buddy) Clanton (class unknown), father of Gail Clanton Cole,  Class of 1970

  William Allan Daniel, Class of 1952 and wife, Sara Davis Daniel, 1938 - 2018 (class unknown)

  Capers (Cappy) Lowrey Bohler, Class 1967

  Mae Elizabeth "Penny" Newell, Class of 1972

  Melvin A Newell, Class of 1971

  Jimmy Lee, Class of 1994

  Betty Clanton York, class unknown

   Betty Akridge Bivins, Class of 1958

 Patricia Ann “Pat” Bradley Myers, Class of 1959

  Jean McMillan Summerlin, Class of 1963

  Elton Eugene Baker, class unknown

  Charles Scott Allison, Class of 1978

  James Ronald "Ronnie" Stuart, Class of 1961

  Bobby J. Connell, Class of 1958

  Thomas Wendall Grace, Class of 1962

  Ben Holland II, 1963

  Jerry Young Dodgen, Jr., Class of 1957

So many Indians gone ...


FYI: Class email notices and/or obituaries are first sent to the deceased's class, and if relatives are Indians, to the classes of the spouse, child, or parent(s), as soon as possible. Each is then listed, in the Albany High Times' "News & Clues", and then added the following month to the Albany High Times' "In Memoriam" webpage: http://albanyhightimes.com/in_memoriam.htm


*50th Wedding Anniversaries* and Beyond 

Bill Garrison, Class of 1956 and Ruth Sasser Garrison, Class of 1957, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on June 22.  A "Diamond Jubilee" luncheon was given in their honor at the Duval Hotel in Tallahassee where they have lived since 1971.  All of the Garrison's children and grandchildren were present. The highlight of the party was the announcement that their oldest granddaughter is expecting - this baby will be the Garrison's first great-grandchild!

Tom Robinson, Class of 1961, and Fredda Stephens, of Anderson, SC, celebrated our 53rd wedding anniversary July 17th.  Our first date was Valentine’s Day 1964 at University of Georgia ... actually Tony’s Restaurant for breakfast. We married July 17, 1965, after dating every day and never missing the dean’s list. We have two sons and two granddaughters.

Just a notice that on August 16th, Jane and I celebrated our 50th anniversary! Bubba Hughes Class of 1961 and Jane Ellzey Hughes from Magnolia , Mississippi, Gulf Park, Class of 1963


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~ Bruce Garey, Class of 1963

*** Please let me know what I need to do to be included in group e-mail information forwarded to group participants. I graduated from AHS Class of 1962. I was in the Albany Junior High Band and AHS Band for 6 years. Seems I tried once before to be included.
Thanks so much.
~ Judy Burgess Byrd

***You did exactly what you needed to do, Judy!!!   WELCOME!!!

~ Beverly


*** CLUES *** 


 A Little Bit Of Philosophy

From Jerry Brimberry ('57)

There are only two ways to live your life: one is as though nothing is a miracle; the other is as though everything is a miracle.' (Albert Einstein)

* As we grow older and wiser we realize a $300 or $30 watch - - - they both tell the same time.

* Whether we carry a $300 or $30 wallet/handbag - - - the amount of money inside is the same.

* Whether we drink a bottle of $300 or $30 or $3 wine - - - the hangover is the same.

* Whether the house we live in is 300, 3,000 or 30,000 sq.  ft.  - - - the loneliness is the same.

* And we realize our true inner happiness does not come from the material things of this world.

* Whether we fly first or economy class, if the plane goes down ... we go down with it.  Whether we fly first or economy class, if the plane reaches its destination ... everyone arrives at the same time.

Therefore ...  we should realize that when we have mates, buddies and old friends, brothers and sisters, with whom we can chat, laugh, talk, sing, talk about north-south-east-west or heaven and earth -- that is true happiness!

Six Undeniable Facts of Life:

1.  Don't educate your children to be rich.  Educate them to be happy, so when they grow up they will know the value of things, not the price.

2.  Wise words: "Eat your food as your medicines.  Otherwise you have to eat medicines as your food."

3. The one who loves you will never leave you because, even if there are 100 reasons to give up, he or she will find one reason to hold on.

4.  There is a big difference between a human being and being human.  Only a few folks really understand that.

5.  You are loved when you are born; you will be loved when you die.  In between, you have to manage!

6. If you just want to walk fast, walk alone; but, if you want to walk far, walk together!

Six Best Doctors in the World:
1.  Sunlight
2.  Rest
3.  Exercise 4.  Diet
5.  Self Confidence
6.  Friends

And, finally: The nicest place to be is in someone's thoughts, the safest place to be is in someone's prayers, and the very best place to be is ... in the hands of God.



John Tony Tsiklistas, 89
Died Sunday, July 15, 2018, in Cumming, GA

Mr. Tsiklistas was born in Greece and came to Albany in 1956.   He was an owner and operated Quickie Restaurant for 50 years.  He was preceded in death by his wife Eleni Andros Tsiklistas, and 2 brothers, George Chikas and Jimmy Chicklistas.


*** YOU ASKED ***


 I am trying to locate the name of a restaurant that was on North Slappey Blvd. It couldn't be missed because it was round. It changed hands several times but was always a steak restaurant. Do you know anything about this restaurant? If I could find a photo of it too, that would be even better. Thank you for any help you could give me or any direction you could point me in.   I am 73 and it was built during my late teens. Not too many of us old folk can remember that far back.  I would appreciate any information you have. 

I live in Warner Robins. I do not know anything about how to post a question. I found you by looking on the web for anything about Albany in the 1960's. Most of my girlfriends are married and I don't know how to look them up on facebook*. One friend said she didn't remember the restaurant. The other one hasn't answered.

I tried to find a history of Albany but the little I found had the same photos and very little information about the business's. Even the library was no help. I do thank you for trying to help. God bless you and your family.

Yours Truly,
~ Glynda Henderson

* Glenda, we have this section in "News and Clues" for questions ... "You Asked"!  We'll see what we can find out. Surely someone knows the name. I used to be organist at Covenant Presbyterian, and my sister Tina Smith Cowan ('61 - D)) was organist at First Baptist at the time, and we met during Sunday school at that "round restaurant" every Sunday; but I can't think of the name of it.  Perhaps someone will have an answer for you!



We had a classmate by the name of Jimmy Lee, if I’m correct and he should have been Class of 1994.  He was hit and killed by a car, riding his bike one day. I can’t remember what year he died but we were in the 9th or 10th grade at that time. Please try and find his information and add him to this list.

*** Does anyone have more information on this Indian? 


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~ Albany Georgia! 

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