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 126th Edition ~ 06/30/2017

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... just a small town in South Georgia that grew the best kids ever raised!

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"The Closing of Albany High School"

The Albany High Times

... is extremely grateful to ALL, who through the years,

have been willing to serve as  Sponsors for the Albany High Times!


Each year, all of the previous year's expenses for the website are totaled, and this determines the number of AHS Sponsors and the pledge amount. 


This Sponsor list also appears on the Home Page of Albany High Times.

~ Beverly Smith Herrington


Our June 2017 - May 2018 Sponsors

This website grew out of a plan to start a website for the Class of 1955 (first class to graduate from new Residence Avenue building), but soon many other classes showed interest, so The Albany High Times was created instead, for all classes. 


The number of Indians (classes of 1933 - 2018) in the "tent" is close to 2,000.


The website has connected classmates in a wonderful way, and those listed below  who have volunteered to be Sponsors for the next year, are a part of making that happen! They are:


Brenda Arnett Darbyshire, Class of 1967; In Memory of my mother, Sara Sauls Arnett, Class of 1942

John J. "Jay" Beck, Jr., Class of 1962; In Memory of my mother, Olivia Beck, who taught Art at AHS in the late 1940’s

Judy Deen Wingate, Class of 1960; In Memory of all our 1960 classmates who have passed on

Marie Fowler Howe, Class of 1956; In Memory of Dan Brooks, Class of 1956, who was married to my sister, Patricia Fowler Brooks, Class of 1962

Jo Anne Johnston O'Quinn, Class of 1952: In Memory of Harry Helton, Class of 1952

Eloise King Newton, Class of 1961; In Memory of my childhood neighbor, friend and classmate, Diane Dempsey Holman, Class of 1961 

Leon S. "Sam" Lee, III, Class of 1978; In Memory of my sister, Jan Lee Kruglak, Class of 1968

Gloria Malone Drake, Class of 1959; In Memory of my sister, Faye Malone Carlton, Class of 1963

Paul, Class of 1969, and Pam Dunston Mullins, Class of 1971; In Memory of our classmates who have gone before

Jill Robertson Hiers, Class of 1970; In Memory of Paul Berry Robertson former Superintendent of Dougherty County Schools 

Don Strickland, Class of 1960; In Memory of my youngest brother, Cecil Strickland, Class of 1965.  He excelled athletically as an Indian.

Steve Tanner, Class of 1960; In memory of my classmates, Larry Carter and Phillip Eller

Henry Barker, Class of 1961; In Memory of David Wolfe, Tommy Gilliam, and all other friends and classmates from the Class of 1961 who have left us. 

Richard Stalvey, Class of 1962; In Memory of Deloris Lowery Stalvey, Class of 1963

Dotti Reeves Crosson, Class of 1955; In Memory of the three Crosson brothers: Perry Eugene "Gene" Crosson, Class of 1952; William Norman Crosson, Class of 1954; and Riley Frederick Crosson, Class of 1956  

Jerome "Jerry" Schine, Class of 1943

Myra Clark Johnson, Class of 1957; In Memory of Warren L. Johnson, Class of 1953 

Charles Gillespie, Class of 1962; In Memory of Bill Satterfield, Class of 1962

Janice Hayes McLendon, Class of 1955; In Memory of Lem McLendon, Class of  1949 and 1950 

Brinson Phillips, Class of 1954 

Judy Pryor Hoxie, Class of 1958; In Honor of the Class of 1958, the first class to attend 4 full years at the new Albany High School building

Tom(my) Ross , Class of 1960; In Honor of those lucky enough to have attended Albany High School

Anne Ruffin Folsom, Class of 1956; In Memory of my sister Ruth Margaret Ruffin, Class of 1947, and brother Robert Lee Ruffin, Class of 1949, both AHS graduates

Warner, Class of 1952, and Wisteria Simmons Houston, Class of 1952; In Memory of Carol Houston Makant, Class of 1955; Bridges Simmons, Class of 1950; and Herbert Simmons, Class of 1944

Bill Upton, Class of 1960; In Honor of Beverly Smith Herrington, Class of 1955 … for all you do

Jim Cline, Class of 1961

Leon Perrett, Class of 1956; In Memory of John G. Crosby, Class of 1956

Ruth Chambers Honick, Class of 1958; In Memory of Rebecca Chambers Lang, Class of 1960

Edwina Davis Shealy, Class of 1958; In Memory of Hugh Wallace, Class of 1958; Lewis Whitman, Class of 1958; and Alan McDowell, Class of 1956

Van Knowles, Class of 1958; In Memory of my father, Capt. Rev. BRW Knowles, who gave it all in WWII

Barbara Gene Murphy Stough, Class of 1961; In Memory of  close friends, Jean Smith McDaniel and Nicky McDaniel

Barbara Westberry Bynum, Class of 1962; In Memory of my dear friend, Linda Richard Wiglesworth, Class of 1962

Joe Bowden, Class of 1958; In appreciation of Linda Cullom Jordan, Class of 1958, for getting us together every five years for the last nearly 60 years - you are our heart and soul!

Joanne Simmons Smith, Class of 1958; In memory of Billy Bragg 

Neal Moore, Class of 1955; In Memory of Steve Moore, son of Neal and Linda Moore

Tommy, Class of 1956, and Beverly Smith Herrington, Class of 1955; In Loving Memory of Albany High School

Thanks also to Indians who responded; however

their emails were received after the list was filled:


Carolyn McBurnett Parks, Class of 1971

Jerry, Class of 1957 and Linda Glass, Class of 1959, Brimberry

Kay Stovall Jones, Class of 1961

Peggy Houston Henderson, Class of 1954

Tommy Williams, Class of 1957

Bob Duggleby, Class of 1956

Kay Hackney Grant, Class of 1961

Carol Dorsey Thompson, Class of 1961

Bobby Jean Wade, Class of 1962

Jon Crawford, Class of 1954

Bob Clanton, Class of 1954

Wayne Sheffield, Class of 1955

Harold Carter, Class of 1959

Tom Robinson, Class of 1961

Ritchey McGuire Marbury, III 1956

Robert Mock, Class of 1969

Pauline Sterne Schochet, Class of 1957

Bill Wilson, Class of 1955

Don Bravaldo Jr., Class of 1952

Jim Dickinson, Class of 1957

Ed, Class of 1952 and Linda Cullom, Class of 1958 Jordan

Lakea Chatmon, Class of 2006

Connie Thomas Pinkston, Class of 1950

Patti Savelle, Class of 1960

Barbara Baxley Mebane, Class of  1965

Brenda Tanner Shemwell Bottoms, Class of 1964


*** If any Indian's name has been left out of the above list, please notify albanyhightimes@aol.com






Our "Oldest Living Indian"

Will turn 102 - July 9, 1917!

Chester R. Green, Class of 1933




        Our Indians Who Served!!! 


*** Thad Joiner, Class of 1964

*** Alex Howard Nisbet (D), Class of 1964

*** John Franklin Saxon, Class of 1969


 Take Time to Browse!!!




*** If you have served, please let me add your name! I will need: 
1. Your full name: (maiden and married names)

2. PLUS your AHS class year!

  Email to: albanyhightimes@aol.com





2018 Reunions



*** Class of 1958 *** 

 60th Class Reunion

May 4th & 5th 2018



Dear Classmates:

Plans are now being made for our 60th class reunion in 2018.  We have booked Merry Acres Inn for Friday and Saturday nights, May 4 and 5, 2018.


Please mark this first weekend in May 2018 on your calendars and make your plans to attend. Please talk it up with other classmates and encourage them to come as well.


If you would, I ask that all of you please get in touch with me so I can get your updated information and can put together a current mailing list.


You may call me at my home (828 389-3911) or call/text me on my cell phone (828 516-8080). Or you can email me at LJordan848@aol.com or write me at 299 Old Homestead Lane, Hayesville, North Carolina 28904. I look forward to hearing from you.

~ Linda Cullom Jordan



*** Tribe Notes ***


NOTICE:  Tribe notes having to do with the closing of AHS will be published in an early July edition featuring AHS

*** Ted Horton ('65) was yet another Indian who responded to our "Smoke Signal" to be sponsor for the new Albany High Times design, but I was very interested in his history as principal, and asked him if he followed Mr. Rob?  Here is his response ....  "Mr. Dill followed Mr. Rob and then Jerry Clark ('54). I was Jerry's assistant principal for five years and then left to start the middle magnet school. I came back to AMS when Jerry retired, and was principal for ten years until I moved downtown.


I have been retired for seven years. By the way, if you ever go by the old high school, you will see a gazebo at the corner of Fourth and Jefferson that Jerry had school maintenance workers build.  The name?  ..."Squirrel Hollow"  

NOTE:  He was "Squirrel" even back in the early 50's!!!

*** As Jerry Brimberry and others had pointed out (at the 2017 1957 Reunion), we did need to hug and be grateful for those of us who are still around -- for life is short and we do not know when we may lose another dear friend. This was certainly the case with our losing our dear friend/lovable character Hugh Wallace. He was so vital when we last saw him -- so full of fun, laughing and loving. We will all sorely miss this wonderful man. I am sending Bonnie Wallace a copy of this email to let her know how loved she is as well.

~ Linda Cullom Jordan, Class of 1958

*** I do have a few things you can add. For those who served in the military, Alex Howard Nisbet (Class of '65 I think) served in the Air Force. He is also deceased but I don't remember his date of death. It's been a few years ago.  Also, from my class ('69), John Franklin Saxon served in the military (Navy I think). Thanks,

~ Jackie Lee Cooper, Class of 1969

NOTE:  Is anyone able to verify (1) the class for Alex Nisbet? and (2) in which branch of service John Saxon served?  Thanks - BSH

*** I expect you have already been made aware of the death of our beloved classmate, Corinne Beverly Flanigan ('61), yesterday (Sunday, 18 June 2017). She definitely fought the good fight. She recently moved back to Ellaville.  She was a wonderful person and made everyone's life brighter just by being around. She will be sorely missed by her family, the AHS Class of 1961, and many others. I expect the obituary will be in the Albany Herald. Her husband was Gary ('61), and her two daughters are Beverly Burt (Pace) and Lila Swords. Peace and love be with you.

~ Sara Joiner Eubanks, AHS Class of 1961

*** Correction on "In Memoriam": scroll down and see the highlighted Janie Eatman¯, Class of 1963. Her full name was Janie Eatman Williams. She was sister of AHS teacher, Mr. Thomas R. Williams. She married Edward Phillip Derks, Class of 1963. Both are now deceased.

~ Bruce Garey, Class of 1963

*** Hi, just checking to see if I let you know that Jeannette Jones Balling (AHS Class of 1961) died In Pennsylvania, where she had lived for many, many years. She was buried at Oakview (or Riverside - can't remember which now) next to her sister, Nella. She was Edward and Maria Jones' older daughter. I'll see if I can find which funeral home and will let you know. Her father was Edward Jones the 4th or 5th and was a well-known architect. They lived in a pink two-story house on Madison
on the NW corner of Monroe and Roosevelt. Edward even did some work at the White House and several other famous places.

~ Sara Joiner Eubanks, Class of 1961

*** There is a poem, you may have seen it, "What Cancer Cannot Do." It lists several things, it cannot cripple love, it cannot silence courage, and it cannot steal eternal life.

~ Carol Dorsey Thompson, Class of 1961


In Memoriam ...

Not where I breathe, but where I loved ... I live!



*** Corinne Augusta Beverly Flanigan, Class of 1961; wife of Gary Walton Flanigan, Class of 1961

*** Linda Butler Price, Class of 1959

*** Thomas Wendell Grace, Class of 1962

*** Dollie Lunday Robinson, Class of 1935 (Dollie died 100 days after her 100th Birthday, and was our 2nd oldest Indian)

*** Joseph E. "Joe Ed" Rossman, Class of 1955; brother of Janette Rossman ('57) Sinyard

*** Henry Lamar Hatcher, class unknown


FYI: Class email notices and/or obituaries are first sent to the deceased's class, and if relatives are Indians, to the classes of the spouse, child, or parent(s), as soon as possible. Each is then listed, in the Albany High Times' "News & Clues", and also added the following month to the Albany High Times' "In Memoriam" webpage at: http://albanyhightimes.com/in_memoriam.htm.


*** Please send any corrections or additions to albanyhightimes@aol.com

*** Please do not send information to my personal email address.





1968 AHS Author, Don Whitman, to Release 3rd Novel http://albanyhightimes.com/donald_whitman.htm



will be available July 6, 2017




*50th Wedding Anniversaries* and Beyond 


Van Cise Knowles, Class of 1958 married Wesley Farnsworth Hall June 30, 1962 and will celebrate #55 this year.

H. Harold Carter, Class of 1959, and Janet Kraft Carter celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary with a tour of Switzerland and a Viking Rhine River cruise to Amsterdam in April.  They were married June 25, 1967, in the chapel at Callaway Gardens.  They met at Georgia Southern.  Harold and Janet have been blessed with two daughters and seven grandchildren!   

Ernest and Helen (Paulsen) Arndt, Class of 1953, will celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary. They were married June 23, 1957 at the Lutheran Church of Our Saviour in Albany.


Aloha Mallard Saye, Class of 1947, and Bob Saye will celebrate their 69th Wedding Anniversary JULY 10TH.   WOW!!!!!


 NOTE:  Please send with your anniversary information, your full name (first, last and maiden name) to albanyhightimes@aol.com





*** CLUES ***


*** The classes who meet together, stay together!!!

*** Reunions are work, and those who are willing to do the work are the "GLUE"!!!




*** YOU ASKED ***



 ? ~ Please let me know if there is to be a 1967 Reunion ...

Linda Massey Hanner, Class of 1967

Anyone know?



We Welcome Our New

"News & Clues" Subscribers!!!

*** Linda Massey Hanner, Class 1967

*** I was recently advised about your web site. Nicely done. Put me on the list. Thank you

~ Ray Vannier, Class of 1963

*** Flash Howard, Class of 1964

*** I spoke to my other sister last evening and asked if she was getting this newsletter. She said no, that she at one time saw it on Facebook. I told her I would get with you and get her added. So if you would, add Jackie Lee Cooper, Class of 1969, to your list please.

~ Sam Lee ('78)

*** Please add me to the list. My information is: Mari Jo Joiner, AHS Class of 1962

*** Kimberly Posey, a graduate of Class of 1989, asked me to send her email address to you and asked that you add her name to The News and Clues newsletter.


~ Shirley Thompson Rogers, Class of 1960




A H S Class Websites







*** If your class has a website or has been replaced by a new website, please email your link to: albanyhightimes@aol.com  



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