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 137th Edition ~  June 30, 2018

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. . .  just a small town in South Georgia that grew the best kids ever raised!!
                                                                                                                                         ~ Tom Herrington, Class of 1956



!!! INDIAN PRIDE !!!  



~ Our Sponsors ~

June 2018 - May 2019!!

This website grew out of a plan to start a website for the Class of 1955 (first class to graduate from new Residence Avenue building), but soon many other classes showed interest, so The Albany High Times was created instead, for all classes.
The number of Indians (classes of 1933 - 2018) in the tent is close to 2,000.
The website has connected classmates in a wonderful way, and those listed below who have volunteered to be Sponsors for the next year, are a part of making that happen! 
They are:


Shirley Thompson Rogers, Class of 1960

In Honor of my mom,

Ouida Jane Ellis, graduate of AHS in 1939 

Brenda Tanner Shemwell Bottoms, Class of 1964

Mot Shemwell, Class of 1957

Linda Giddens Swain, Class of 1965

Honoring Mr. Harry Martin, Band Director

Carla Sterne Linn, Class of 1961

In Memory of my beloved daughter, Laura Genender (4/19/86 - 8/13/08)

Anne Stinson Porter, Class of 1961

A Tribute to the 57 years since my 1961 graduation from Albany High School

Nancy Winter Huggins, Class of 1949

In Honor of Carleen Newell Flowers, Class of 1948

Kay Hackney Grant, Class of 1961

In Honor of my mother, Dorothy Manning Hackney, AHS Class of 1939

Don Bravaldo, Class of 1952

Jim Richter, Class of 1957

Mike Harris, Class of 1964

In Memory of Robert (Bob) Bickerstaff, Class of 1964. Each issue of The Albany High Times' NEWS & CLUES" states,

"… just a small town in South Georgia that grew the best kids ever raised" ...

... these words say it all about Bob Bickerstaff

Ada Davis Hall, Class of 1964

In Honor of my sisters, Edwina Davis Shealy, Class of 1958; and Sally Davis Peek, Class of 1960

Jay Pryor, Class of 1962 

In Memory of Wilda Slappey Pryor, Class of 1933; mother of Jay and Judy Pryor Hoxie. Also, beloved Albany Junior High teacher

Charlotte Durden Arnold, Class of 1960

Jimmy Dickinson, Class of 1957

In Memory of Big Bro, Roger Dickinson, Class of 1954, from Lil' Bro, Jimmy Dickinson, Class of 1957

Martha Gray Alkonis, Class of 1960

T. Ken Musgrove, Class of 1961

In Memory of Frank F. Hutto, Class of 1961 and Corinne Beverly Flanigan, Class of 1961

Jonnie Holley Douglas, Class of 1962

Robert Vick, Class of 1964

Peggy Houston Henderson, Class of 1954

In Memory of Billy Bragg, whose influence encouraged me to pursue an English major and become a high school English teacher. He was the best!!!

Lakea M. Chatmon, Class of 2006

Susan Riffe O'Neal, Class of 1954

In Memory of Tommy Herrington, Class of 1956

Donald K. Pollock, Class of 1966

Jim Cline, Class of 1961

Tom Robinson, Class of 1961

Art Spies, Class of 1962

Joann Roark Arneson, Class of 1962

In Honor of the "Class of 1962 Luncheon Girls"

Ken Adams, Class of 1963

In Memory of Alan Folmer, Class of 1963. Gone but not forgotten. RIP

Sharon Smith Spies, Class of 1958

 In Honor of the AHS Class of '58. Thanks for all the many years of great memories of all of our years together and especially our fantastic reunions, thanks to Linda Cullom Jordan and all her helpers

Marion Underwood Gandy, Class of 1954

In Memory of Katherine Jones Mack, Class of 1954

Julia Purvis Montgomery, Class of 1968

 In Memory of Joseph F. Purvis, Class of 1934

Shirley Austin Wright, Class of 1957
Cynthia Clyatt Ferguson, Class of 1960

In Memory of my sister, Angela Clyatt Fausett, Class of 1956

Anna Stephens Arthur, Class of 1962

Jacqueline Albert Ermey, Class of 1955

Joanne Simmons Smith, Class of 1958

In Memory of Tom Herrington, Class of 1956. As a sophomore, new to AHS and Mr. Sell's band, I looked up to Tom Herrington, who was an obvious leader of that class. He showed maturity and kindness, a role model for underclassmen.


The Albany High Times

... is extremely grateful to these and ALL, who through the years,
have been willing to serve as Sponsors for the Albany High Times!


AND ...


Bruce Gary, Class of 1963
Bill Wilson, Class of 1955
Bill Upton, Class of 1960

Johnny Boesch, Class of 1957
Judy Pryor Hoxie, Class of 1958
Van Knowles, Class of 1958
David Cuthbertson, Class of 1960
Jerry and Lynda Glass Brimberry, Class of 1957 and  Class of 1959
Shelby Youngblood Olimpieri, Class of 1955
Bob Duggleby, Class of 1956
Jessie Paulk, Class of 1952
Myra Clark Johnson, Class of 1957
Joe Mann, Class of 1964

Linda Cullom Jordan, Class of 1958
Jerome Schine, Class of 1943
Barbara Jean Murphy Staugh, Class of 1961
Jay Beck, Class of 1962
Ritchy Marbury, Class of 1956
Pauline Sterne Schochet, Class of 1957
Peggy Deen Tanner, Class of 1958


If your name is missing from the above list ... please let me know!









Our Indians Who Served!!! 



*  Victor Miller, Class of  1960

* Joseph F. Purvis, Class of 1934

*  Robert A. Purvis
* Willis Ball, Class of 1956
* Robert (Bob) Drake, Class of 1943
* Chevy Davis, Class of 1958



Take Time to Browse the following!!!




*** If you have served, please let me add your name! I will need: 
1. Your full name: (maiden and married names)

2. PLUS your AHS class year!

  Email to: albanyhightimes@aol.com






*** 2018 & 2019 Reunions ***


Last month a picture of the Class of 1958 was published "getting their tribe lined up and ready for the camera!  This month, check out their professional results!




*** Class of 1963 *** 
55th Class Reunion
October 5th & 6th 2018!

The Class of ’63 is having our 55th Class Reunion

October 5th and 6th 2018

We will have a block of rooms reserved at Merry Acres and will have registration and a “Meet and Greet” at the Gazebo at 6:00 pm on Friday.

The Saturday dressy/casual Dinner Dance

will be at 6:00 pm at Chehaw’s Creekside

 Check information posted on our face book page:
AHS '63 Reunion - Our 55th - Albany, GA
Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/760187574167489/ 

Our website link:
Invitations were mailed on May 17th. If you did not receive yours, you might need to update your contact information by calling or emailing it to:

*** Marian Chambless Sherman and John Sherman ***


(229) 439-9664


*** Class of 1969 *** 
50th Class Reunion
Friday, April 26, 2019!

and in conjunction with

The 60's Bash

Saturday, April 27, 2019!























*** Tribe Notes ***


I am sharing some of the wonderful emails that come my way, especially during Sponsor month!!  There were many ... so please understand time and space require I cannot use all ...


I wish to be a Sponsor for the coming year in honor of my mom,


Ouida Jane Ellis, graduate of AHS in 1939. This is her senior picture. She was only 16.
~ Shirley Thompson Rogers, Class of 1960

I am going to be 80 in December. In a way I can not imagine that this is my age, but it is! When I flew to New Orleans for my brother George’s memorial service I did not take my shoes off. Someone was about to correct me but then person who checked my ticket and drivers license yelled, "She is 80!"  My daughter is still kidding me about it. Very soon now I am taking both of my daughters on an Alaskan Cruise. We are all excited about it and have been making all kinds of plans.

When I was in Albany years ago, I did contact Mariellen Bateman Johnson ('57) and several of us went out to lunch together. At one of the reunions a group of us girls went out to lunch on Saturday. I did not know that groups were taking trips together! I am in Gainesville, have been here since 2004, when Sydney retired. For the last 10 years I have continued to live here in this big house. Many of us look forward to reading your publications.
~ Pauline Sterne Schochet, Class of 1957

Reading the Albany high Times has brought back many memories the past few years. What a wonderful job you do and how awesome to provide this service to Indians! I would love to be a part of the sponsors for this.
~ Anne Stinson Porter 1961

Thank you for your response to my attempt be a sponsor. I was likely late, but also previously made the list. If I knew I could only sponsor once l forgot, but I’ll make note. Not a mental one, they seem to get erased too often.

I know how hard you work on this and we appreciate all you do. You've had computer / web problems in the past and I want you to know if ever additional funds are needed I’d be glad to help. At some point if the need arises to hire some help I would be happy to pay a membership fee and I believe most others would also. If some can’t afford the fee you wouldn’t have a problem getting enough money through sponsorship.

I’m sure you’ve considered all of this, I just want you to know how thankful we are for this wonderful creation of yours and I hope it will continue long after we are all gone.
~ David Cuthbertson, Class of 1960

*** That depends David ... on someone being willing to take it on a journey that at once is an incredible experience ... yet sometimes the waves seem overwhelming.  But that day will come ... I wish I knew the answer.

~ Beverly Smith Herrington ('55)

I would be glad to do more, but glad I finally made it!
~ Don Bravaldo Jr., Class of 1952

Thank you, for this and everything you do for us. Your efforts, caring and expertise bring joy to so many!
~ Shirley Austin Wright, Class of 1957

Thanks for allowing me to participate.
~ Art Spies, Class of 1962

I would like to make my sponsorship In Honor of my mother, Dorothy Manning Hackney, AHS Class of 1939. In February 2017, at the age of 94 and after living in Albany her entire life, she moved to Bainbridge Island, Washington to go into assisted living near me. She will be 96 in September and she is doing well, enjoying her bingo games and all the beautiful gardens and other vegetation of this lovely island. She does miss Southern cooking, however!
Kay Hackney Grant, Class of 1961

I am so appreciative of what you do that I will probably volunteer to help every year. If there is anything I can do to help, please don’t hesitate to ask.
~ Joe Mann, Class of  1964

I am standing by if you need me.
~ Jay Beck, Class of 1962

About Carleen Newell Flowers ('48): We grew up together in the First Baptist Church here in Albany. Then we were at Mercer together. She was a Chi Omega as Nancy Winter ('49) Huggins was. Those were good days. We were all poor but none of us knew.

Dub (Carleen's husband) was an amazing guy. A real WWII hero. He was very unassuming. When he said something, it was well thought out.

The Flowers were good people. We welcomed in the new year together until Dub passed away and Carleen moved.

Good memories.
~ Bill Huggins Class of 1947)

I ran across an original of my daddy's AHS Class of 1940 Graduation Program. I have no idea if anyone would be ever interested in seeing it but just know that I have one. It is a small treasure I hold.
~ Nancy Martin Bryan (AHS Class of 1976)

My daddy, Joseph F. Purvis, graduated in 1934, back when they only went through 11th grade.
His school was the school on Jefferson, near where Phoebe Putney is......
I have all three of the Purvis children's annuals, which is sort of rare. Usually the annuals get lost or torn or whatever. Robert Purvis, Margaret Purvis Williams and Daddy was the baby. Uncle Robert went into the Navy in 1932, and as an Ensign, he was at Pearl Harbor (eating breakfast very early when the Japanese strafed our ships). I always get goosebumps when I see that in a movie....... the hum of those Zeros coming in low from far away, then closer and louder, then all that chaos of the bombing. Uncle Robert lived through that, but sadly, died from a fast-acting leukemia not long after returning stateside. I am sorry that I never knew him, but I do have his Ensign's log from the ship he was on. Because he joined the Navy so early in the 1932s, he had many adventures all over the world, with the annoyance of being in a war. Wish I could remember the name of his ship, but at nearly 68, a lot eludes me. Luckily, I do have that paperwork.

I want to thank you for all the work you do for us. I love getting each newsletter.
~ Julie Purvis Montgomery, Class of 1968


Thanks to Joanne Simmons Smith, Class of 1958, who was able to find the following needed information for a deceased Indian from a 3rd generation relative: Jeri Stevens, deceased, graduated from AHS in 1960. She was the sister of Dan Stevens, Class of 1953.  Dan's daughter Dani Tippins, a former student of Joann'e, said that this Jeri Louise Stevens is her dad's sister. She was in the Class of 1960

I should have been telling you thanks every month for years!  So please forgive that oversight as I say THANKS for all that you do to keep all us old Indians together.

~ Jim Bell, Class of 1956

It makes little or no difference now, but I don’t have Joe Saba listed as in the class of 1947. I’ve been keeper of the roster since our 50th reunion. Joe’s obit is still listed on Google and it says 1947. His brother, Jamil ('56) is our sheriff. Joe was born in 1927 while most of the class of 1947 were born in 1930. I remember Joe well as a very nice, gregarious man.
~ Bill Huggins, Class of 1947

~ NOTE:  Bill Huggins has been the Class of 1947's "shepherd" for a long time!  He was a huge help in the beginning stages of the Albany High Times!  He had phone numbers, addresses and email addresses!!!  He has continued to help with helping me find Indians!

It has been my proud privilege to be a sponsor this past year.  If there are unpaid bills related to the upgrade, or additional needs, I'd like to know so that I can help resolve them.

I understand this is "sort of cheating," but I hope that I can pull an old baseball "trick," and "steal the sign" that you are about to call for sponsors next year.

I really enjoy helping the effort, since my distance limits my opportunity to do other things for the Indians, and the Class of '57...

~ Johnny Boesch, Class of 1957

Remembering Bob Bickerstaff


Mike Harris, Class of ’64

San Clemente, CA

I appreciate the correspondence that Robert Sutton sent through the AHS website regarding the passing of Bob Bickerstaff. Robert spoke very highly of Bob and I would like to piggyback on his thoughtful words.

Photo: Bob is third row from bottom, second from left. I’m person to right of him.

Each issue of The Albany High Times' "NEWS & CLUES" states, “... just a small town in South Georgia that grew the best kids ever raised!” Those words say it all about Bob Bickerstaff.

Bob and I were very close in Junior High; we were in the same class (Miss Combs in Eighth grade and Mrs. Farris in Ninth). He worked part time at our family business during the Spring and Summer of those years. We all toiled long and hard; opening at four am, working all day and frequently into the late night. Our business, Fisherman’s Headquarters, catered to Southwest Georgia’s fishing population and we were open to accommodate their needs.

One learns a lot about the character of a person under stressful and challenging times; especially at 14-15 years old when there are many other things we would rather do. I saw Bob’s work ethic, his integrity and his reliability as being beyond reproach. My sophomore year I transferred to high school in Atlanta and shortly afterwards Bob and my brother, Jack, enrolled in Lyman Ward Military Academy. We saw each other on some weekends and holidays when we visited our families in Albany over the following few years; then off to college and fifty- plus years went by.

I spoke with him briefly about two years ago but never saw him since high school. When I read the article that Robert sent with his note I know he had a good life, a wonderful family and made and will continue to make a very positive contribution to our world through his son, daughter and his nine grandchildren and through the many people he inspired along the way. I am sure those he worked with at The Carpenter Company have never encountered a better employee.

I thank God for Bob Bickerstaff and what he gave us.


In Memoriam ...

Not where I breathe, but where I loved ... I live!


Dorothy “Ann” Yancey Atwater, Class of 1958; sister of Jim Yancey, Class of 1959

Jack Davis, husband of Peggy Irwin Davis, Class of 1954

Jeri Louise Stevens, Class of 1960

Jim Joseph Saba Jr., Class of 1947

Janie Syble Sheffield Duffy, Class of 1952

William "Bill" Rountree Lewis, Class of 1956

Margaret Sapp Cline, Class of 1929

Robert (Bob) Drake, Class of 1943

William Wright, Class of 1963

Doris Willis Croyle, Class of 1964; sister of Reba Willis Stewart, Class of 1952

Jackie Phillips, Class of 1957

Melvin A. Newell Jr. Class of 1971

Mae Elizabeth (Penny) Newell. Class of 1972

Margaret Purvis Williams, Class of 1929

Robert A. Purvis, Class of 1932

Joseph F. Purvis, Class of 1934

Charles Tony Apperson, Class of 1980





FYI: Class email notices and/or obituaries are first sent to the deceased's class, and if relatives are Indians, to the classes of the spouse, child, or parent(s), as soon as possible. Each is then listed, in the Albany High Times' "News & Clues", and then added the following month to the Albany High Times' "In Memoriam" webpage: http://albanyhightimes.com/in_memoriam.htm






1939 Birthday Party of Dianne Gortatowski (Class of 1954 - deceased)
NOTE: It is very difficult to copy old news paper articles ... but thanks to Tommy Pattison for this one! Most of the names of attendees are clear


*50th Wedding Anniversaries* and Beyond


   Aloha Mallard Saye, Class of 1947, and Bob Saye will have their 70th Wedding Anniversary July 10, 2018, if we live that long. A tribute to the 57 years since my 1961 graduation from Albany High School.

NOTE:  Please send with your anniversary information, including your full name (first, last and maiden name, plus CLASS) to albanyhightimes@aol.com



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*** CLUES *** 



*** With the change over to a new system in January, then the failure of that ... I have not been keeping up the Albany High Times "In Memoriam" other than to list in "News & Clues" month by month.  

I do have a copy of each month printed; but in a way afraid to pile more info on the overloaded main website - but still wanting to add ...

AND having trouble with AOL - which is not delivering emails to a few Indians who have old email systems ... it is disheartening.  ~ Beverly Smith Herrington


*** Please do not send reading material to Albany High Times unless it has to do with AHS or Albany GA.  And especially, please do not put the Albany High Times' email address together with multiple e-names, some of whom have never heard of Albany High School. 




*** YOU ASKED ***




Hello, I've lived in Albany in the late 1980s and early 1990s. So, I went through the flood of 1994. I live in Florida now but my husband is working in Tifton with frequent trips through Albany. I told him about a restaurant that was destroyed by the flood. I worked there one summer. It was the hottest thing in town for a year or two. It was a very large wooden building set right on the creek and I bartended outside when they had a band. It was a seafood restaurant named "something on the creek", I believe. It flooded up to the eaves of the building and was probably torn down but it's driving me crazy that I can't remember the name. Could you please, please help me?
Thank you so much,
~ Barbara Dobson

A  ~

Barbara ... Joann Roark Arneson, a member of our Albany High Times' Staff, googled and came up with some interesting information!



Joann Roark Arneson, Class of 1962

AHTs Liaison to Classes of 1960's and 1970's


I think the restaurant on the creek that Barbara Dobson is looking for was named "Tadpole's". It was opened by Pearly Gates who owns "Pearly's" on Slappey Drive (originally Burger Chef). I found this when I was checking my information. If I remember correctly the name was a nickname for one of his daughters.


I also Googled Pearly Gates and found the following additional information ...


Pearly's celebrates 50 years of business


*You know someone who has been in business in the same location for half a century must be doing it right.

*Pearly Gates is a legendary Albany restaurant owner who has been serving food for 50 years now. And his business seems to be more popular now than ever.

*You know when you have the name Pearly Gates, your food has to be heavenly. For 50 years, in the same location, Pearly's has been through name changes, but his secret for success has never changed.
Drive thru sign speaker says "Thank you for choosing Pearly's".

Many South Georgians start their day at Pearly's. Flocking in for some of the best grits, sausage, and eggs you have ever tasted. But for 50 years you also get something else.

"I'm Pearly." Hi I'm Kim. "Nice to meet you," said Pearly Gates, Pearly's Owner.

The owner is usually there to greet you personally, ever since 1962.

"I called everybody by name and meet them. What makes this restaurant to this day is calling people by name. Your name is the sweetest thing they are," said Pearly Gates.

50 years ago Gates, then working at the post office, was invited by his neighbor to learn the restaurant business at the Burger Chef opening on Slappey Boulevard.

"I had never had no restaurant experience," said Pearly Gates.

But putting in 100 hour weeks Gates learned quickly. In 1980 Hardees bought out Burger Chef, and he ran Hardee's until 1991, when he went independent, becoming just "Pearly's".

"I changed over that year to a Pearly's and it was the best move that I ever made since I been in business," said Pearly Gates.

The family business had Pearly's wife and children take even bigger roles in running the restaurant.

 "It's kinda rough at times. But you just keep on going," said Ruth Gates.

"Thank ya'll." Good as always. "Glad to have ya'll," said Pearly Gates.

Now 75 years old, Pearly had a stroke 12 weeks ago, and he is still recovering, but can't stay away. He says the restaurant and his customers are in his heart and he knows when he will quit.

"I guess I still say the same thing, till my toes turn up. I just like people," said Pearly Gates.

50 years in the same place, and Pearly Gates says folks can still count on getting the best breakfast and lunch from him for years to come.

Of course the question he is asked most often, how did he get the name Pearly Gates. In 1960 at the post office he says Cecil Pitts called him that on the intercom as a joke, and it stuck ever since. In case you don't know, his real name is Carey.

Pearly serves 900 people a day. That means he serves 24,000 eggs a month, and bakes 1,200 biscuits a day.

Copyright 2012 WALB. All rights reserved. 



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