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 123rd Edition ~ 03/28/2017

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. . .  just a small town in South Georgia that grew the best kids ever raised!!

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As always ... please ... save a lot of time for me and sign your full name (including maiden), and your class year.

~ Beverly





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        Our Indians Who Served!!!

*** Richard Harper, Class of 1954

*** James Barnwell McLeod (D), Class of '38 or '39)

*** James H. Ward, Class of 1961

*** Vic Miller, Class of 1960




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*** If you have served, let me add your name! I will need:
1. Your full name: (maiden and married names)

2. PLUS your AHS class year!


email to:


*** Tribe Notes ***




Ouida Jane Ellis Thompson

AHS in 1939

Celebrating her 94th Birthday


*** My mom, Ouida Jane Ellis Thompson, graduated from AHS in 1939. We celebrated her 94th birthday on February 4th 2017.

~ Shirley Thompson Rogers ('60)


*** Would you be so kind to include the following list of "missing" classmates from the Class of '57 in your next newsletter? In alphabetical order, they are:

Faye Perry Bryant, Jimmy Cain, Jimmy Culpepper, Raymond Gotko, Hollis Howze, Joan Stamps Kelsey, Ellard V. Nunnally, Jackie Phillips, Sonja J. Pritchard, E.L. Spivey, and Ruth Russell Stern.

If any are located please contact us ... Mariellen Johnston (229.395.5338) or Jerry Brimberry (229.435.1507) in order for us to send the reunion paperwork to them.


NOTE: Merry Acres will release the block of rooms set aside for us on April 28th.


*** Dear Albany High,  thank you for providing the correct information concerning the history of the school (AHS). My father attended Albany High and I believe he graduated in the late 1930’s. He served in the US forces (Air) in WWII in England, where he eventually settled. We still have his Year Book (I think you call it ?) and it provided me with a glimpse of High School life in America whilst growing up in England in the 1960’s!


His name was James Barnwell McLeod but I think he is down as Barnwell McLeod. I think he graduated in ’38 or ’39. He was part of the farmer’s club. He is now deceased but he was given a full military funeral as a vet in the UK.


I just searched the Albany High School website as I wanted to look at it again. I visited there in my 20’s (just the exterior) but did not know my relatives showed me the older building (which of course would be correct for my father’s time) so I was confused when I went to Wiki and saw the present building. Then I searched further, found an image as per my picture and then somehow found you. My father married his English bride (my mother!) in Albany and then some years later moved to England.

My brother was born in Albany but my sister and I in England. I go over to America to visit family or work related sometimes. Thank you.
~ Mary McLeod, daughter of an Indian!

*** Thanks to Brenda Cox Wintersole ('64) for sending Dale Dingler's ('65) email address.

*** THE (Silvers Five and Dime) BUILDING IS STILL STANDING. It is on Washington Sreet, the block that was not torn down ... the block Rosenbergs was on, and now The Albany Herald.
~ Jonnie Holley Douglas ('62) 

***  Hi! 19 Feb 17, I became an octagenarian. The gods have infused me with all the great wisdom that comes to one upon reaching 80, so don't be surprised when you hear that I have solved all the world's problems.  Upon accomplishing this fantastic feat I will receive all accolades of praise with abject humility as is required.  Thought you might need a good laugh.
~ Jim Watson ('55)

*** Glenda Shelby Cannon ('64) gave me your name. Phyllis Ross Speir ('64) & I have organized the Class of 1964 CELEBRATION OF LIFE event to pay tribute to our deceased classmates.

~ Henry Aldridge ('64)

BSH NOTE:  This is a wonderful idea ...

*** I was saddened by the news that Bill Creech ('59) had passed away. Bill was our Junior High Quarterback and a good one. We both lived on Mercer Ave., and spent many hours in the street playing catch and me running routes. We both knew what the other one was capable of and thinking about. In one particular game we were getting shut down by the Colquitt Defense. Coach Lowe and our Principal, Mr. Rob talked on the sidelines and came up with a scheme for our Right End Brazil Watkins and me at Left End to run about 10 yards downfield and do a “Button Hook”, either inside or out. Bill alternated between us and thanks to the great running of Harry Ort mixing things up, we were quite successful for a downfield romp. Those were the good old days of our innocent youth ... Ahh, memories are so sweet. God Bless you Bill, you are remembered.

~ Don (Wynn} Spees ('58)


*** I previously knew Ralph Calhoun ('47) via e-mails. He was a very talented man.

~ Ed Martin ('45)


*** Thanks for letting us know about the loss of our classmate and friend, Wayne Goolsby.


Phil Cook, Class of 1967


*** My beautiful mother, Judy Kelley (married, Reynolds), Class of 1960, died on January 13, 2017 of brain cancer. She was survived by her husband of 55 years, 3 children and 4 grandchildren.
~ Kelley Reynolds Burgess, Loving Daughter
Denton, Tx

*** So many AHS Indians (kindly and thoughtfully) responded to the unsettling news that the "publishing" of Albany High Times and "News & Clues" is in peril (though remember N&C's can be sent via email - Albany High Times (close to 500 pages) cannot). 


Just to let you know, I am in touch with my daughter, Dianne Calhoun,  who is researching a way for us to turn the problem around.  So, hang in there with me .... more news as she comes up with a transfer solution for us!  Still ... I turn 80 this year and for this wonderful place to go on ... well, the honest truth is ... no one has ever expressed interest.

I did want to let you know ... your emails warmed my heart!  Smoke Signals went up ... and you were there!!!  Below are responses and ideas from Indians as they came to me!!! ~ Beverly Smith Herrington, Class of 1955


*** I sure wish my technological skills were such that I could be of help! You know I would do it in a heartbeat.  ~ Pat Adams Shay

*** I read you loud and clear as we used to say in the infantry. I have had a notion that this was coming. I can't believe you have gone on for so many years and we all have loved it and have loved you for doing it, not giving much attention to how it got done. I have wondered and have talked with Paula about this for these three-4 years since you found me. If I had the money I would set you up as the director/publisher and have you become the editor of this operation. But I do not and I wonder how I will continue without it. The only thing I will tell you is that I am so proud to have known you in school and for the few times you were so kind to me and took me to school. I will never forget that. Then when you found me on Facebook, that was a big shock and I loved it. The '55 reunion was something special for me!  ~ Blessings, ~ Bill Wilson

*** I wish I could help! My skills on the computer are not very good.

Bless you for trying and all the frustration you have been through! You have my sympathy!

~ Marie Howe

***  I don't know what to say right now but I do hope someone can come up with some ideas. I will be trying to. ~ Marion Hay

*** Now and then a message is sent to you from here in California, over my name from class ’53. Yes, in response to your plea for someone else to step in, I regretfully have to say I am not equipped, although I surely wish I were able to. I have been using Apple products for many years and reply now from my desktop circa 2007. I have had it updated and it no longer can be. It will implode if I try. ~ Claire Randall Rice (’53)

*** Don't feel bad, I understand what you are going through. I have had the same problem and do not have a website. Hang in there my dear! ~ Harry Helton (’52)

*** Hang in there. Know that we all appreciate your hard work. I’m sue we can raise funds if needed to support a new website if taught is what’s needed. I have no ideal about technology other than to appreciate keeping up with all our old classmates. ~ Jay Beck (’62)


*** Hi Beverly, you can get it all on a Facebook page for free. Members can look and add any time. The classmates would have to sign up for Facebook, but it is free. Some should already be on facebook. It's super easy. ~ Karen Dove Barr (wife of Joe Barr 1957).


You've done a great job!

*** Welcome to computerland! I understand! ~ Carolyn Holiman

*** Wish I could help & appreciate what you do, but I am clueless!



*** I don't think anyone could ever do the job as well as you have all these years, but I sure hope a computer whiz kid comes forward with some ideas on how to continue.

*** I can't even understand half of what you're saying in your "letter of explanation". Does that tell you anything about my computer ability?  LOL

One thing I want you to know is how much I appreciate all you've done for the last 14 or so years. And I know I'm not the only Indian who feels that way. You are up there on a level high above us, and you've always gone above and beyond the call of duty. Mr. Bragg surely is smiling down on you, no matter what happens.

Thank you for being you and for giving us the best of the best for these years. I am in awe of and respect what you've done. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and may God always bless and take care of you.

With love and gratitude, Big Chief! ~ Sara Joiner Eubanks, AHS Class of '61


*** Thank you for your hard work in trying to keep the Times up and running! I really enjoy it, and hope there is a way to keep it coming. ~ Elizabeth Truluck Neace

*** Oh my goodness. It is frequently said "no one is indispensable" but YOU are unknown to the author of that cliche. Perhaps we can all chip in and get you a tutor on whatever program will work. I have recently gone from the PC to the MAC. It is a bit of a learning curve, but the MAC seems to be the all to end all these days.

I and so many others deeply appreciate what you do to keep us up to date. Even a quarterly might be acceptable. Please don't give up. Look for a solution we can help with.  ~ Anne West Green '60


*** You have been doing a wonderful job and I fully understand the frustration and monetary problems you've been having. Wish I could help but just wanted to give you a pat on the back. Hope someone or something turns up.


***  I applaud you for reaching out.


Quick thoughts…I suspect your daughter can direct you to firms with expertise to convert/update this website…AND….publish the content monthly/quarterly. While someone would have to write the content, the design firm could handle the technology.


The issue will likely be $$$…but I think that can be solved. You provide a valuable service that cannot be replicated…and people will be willing to pay to receive.



  • Institute a subscription charge of $25-50+ annually.

  • Ask “special AHS friends” to make a one time contributions…say $100 each to help you get ramped up. I would bet you could easily raise $5,000-$10,000.

  • Sell advertising. That is how most newsletters operate.

  • Launch a “subscription” campaign to add more subscribers. Your cost will not increase with more subscribers, but it will provide more $$.

You provide a very valuable product…leverage your position.
Bottom line…don’t let the lack of $SS kill the AHS Times project. I think there are a lot of Indians out there who are willing and able to help with funding. ~ Walt


*** What a wonderful job you have done over the years. I hate to see it end and all the great information and records lost. Wish I could help but am not equipped to do so. If it can't be done on an iPad or iPhone I don't do it!! Is it possible to use the FB account to post news etc? I know not everyone has a FB account but maybe that would prompt many more to stay connected that way. Just a thought.  Again, thank so much for all your hard work. ~ Eloise King Newton, Class of '61


*** I really do feel your pain. I started working on my biography for my grandchildren in 2014. I suppose my WORD program is far outdated. Something clicked when I was working on what I wrote for Billy Creech’s funeral and the format of my WORD program changed and I cannot get back to where I was and it is so frustrating. I do have a daughter who is a software whizbang and I am so far behind her that she can seldom help me. It drives me mad! I was getting along ok with what I had. I was use to it. I could do what I wanted to do. I could do what I needed to do. And then POOF! I am or my computer is in another time zone. You have done such a remarkable job and such a wonderful service for AHS graduates. If you did not get even one more issue of AHS Times out you would still be remembered with awe and sincere appreciation for carrying on such a labor of love for 14 years. No one could hold it against you if you just flat out retired. I wish I was savvy enough to help you but I am far from it. This computer stuff seems to come so natural to the young people but I am so behind the times. I don’t even use an smart phone. The only thing I know about Power Point is that I wish I knew how to use it. My OFFICE set is so out of date. I have never used an ATM....never felt like I needed to use one. BUT, we are doing a Rhine River Cruise for our 50th Wedding Anniversary in April so I guess I need to know something about an ATM.

None of us who have enjoyed your “production” these 14 years could ever thank you enough. Please don’t beat up on yourself when it is time to let go. One can only do so much................

With a grateful heart. ~ Harold Carter


*** WE have a challenge before US. Speaking only for myself, the web-site has been like an umbilical cord connecting me to Albany. My family moved in mid-'57 and for most of the the next 50 years, I was scarcely ever in Albany.

Even after living in Europe, SC, NY, 30 years in San Francisco and more than a decade in NC, Albany is still my hometown! Ever since I got connected, I have eagerly anticipated the next AHTS "News and Clues." I so look forward to seeing news of friends and recalling memories of my early years in Albany. I would miss it! I seriously doubt that I am alone in that.


If there is work to be done to save all that you have assembled on the web site about the individual classes, the veterans, etc. there are those of us who will help fund that effort...


In all likelihood, there are others who feel as I do, and can monetize the feeling. If that is true, perhaps there are enough of us to fund new hardware and software. The cost of very good equipment has come down dramatically in recent years.

There may be some curricula in one or more of the local colleges where class credit can be earned for building a "user friendly" web site.

Or, there may be Indians who can help with that. Or, we "users" might be able to scratch together funding to pay someone to "publish" content that you supply.


That is how we operate our local Military Officers Assoc. web site. It isn't terribly high-tech and definitely not "big budget.". But, for a 300 member organization such as ours, it reaps annual awards. Take a look:

If my assumption is correct, that I am not nearly alone in my desire to help sustain the "new and clues," we can find and fund a way. ~ Fraternally, John Boesch ... Indian & Seminole Forever


I concur with John’s comments (above). I too moved away but my friends and the city of Albany are still near and dear to me. Beverly has done such an outstanding job all these years with the newsletter and it would be a shame for her efforts to go unrecognized and the site simply go away. I will support any and all efforts to continue this outstanding media tool. ~ Don (Wynn) Spees

*** I will ask my son if we can be of some help. He has an office full of computer nerds. ~ Donald K. Pollock, CPA

***  Your labor of love has turned into pure labor! I think we need a software developer to create the program. I met someone yesterday and my next door neighbor does this, so I will ask around. There has to be a way, but I think someone should step up to take over the job of writing the newsletter. 14 years is enough time for anyone and you might have other things you would like to do.


It is a wonderful tie to our hometown and our school chums. I would hate to loose it completely.

Take heart--there is a way!  ~ Ruth


*** All said, you have provided ALBANY HIGH INDIANS a lifetime of joy. I thank you for what you have done. If your daughter has suggestions on what could help make it easier for you, please advise us. ~ Judy Deriso


***  Thanks for this email. I'm sure we all feel your pain and frustration. I'm also sure that we all think you are a true hero for your efforts and energy over the years.


I consider myself a troglodyte when it comes to computers and other forms of social media, and I suspect that some of your older readers might share this view because we have not become "geeks" over the years. I would help if I had the talent and knowledge required.


Do you have an estimate of the costs to upgrade and pay someone to help you transition and then perhaps take over your duties at some point? It may not be as "prohibitive" as you think. I suspect that almost everyone of your "subscribers" are willing to make a contribution for this project unless the costs really turn out to be "prohibitive".


Please keep us posted on developments. ~ Tom Ross, Class of 1960

*** I know that all of us love what you created and it has been a great way to keep up with people and events. As I and many others have said over the years, "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Your love and dedication for AHS and everyone involved with our Alma Mater has gone far beyond the call of duty."


With that said a suggestion that might help and I don't know if it would be possible to bring all your archives with you, but it might work as a new platform for your work.


My wife has written a blog about living on Mackinac Island since 2009. The platform she uses is Wordpress. All of her material is also archived there. She used to write almost daily, but now only publishes a couple of times a week and at times has included Lake Blackshear and the beach. So she has lots of material archived there. Hope this helps, ~ Ted

*** First, I need to say thank you for all that you have done to keep AHS alums connected and informed. My wife and I both graduated from AHS and we still have many friends who also attended or graduated from there.


Now, to your problem at hand. I wish I were a professional web designer who could take on this task but unfortunately that is not in my skill set. It seems to me however that this problem is not insurmountable and is nothing time and money can’t cure.


I will check with friends and family to see if there are some folks equipped to take on this task. I’m sure your outreach through this email will also generate some leads or ideas. When you settle on a solution please let all of us know and I am sure we can come up with the funding to make it happen.

In the meantime, keep your chin up and know that your efforts have been appreciated. Again, thank you and GO INDIANS!  ~ Paul Mullins ‘69

*** Thank you for all you have done. It is an amazing amount of information and work. I hope someone will be found who can continue this. ~ Judy

*** Your frustration with changing technology is a hindrance that I experience also.

First, you need to pat yourself on the back for what you have done and the tremendous joy and all the important information and sharing you have provided to all of us.


We greatly appreciate it and are in awe of your talent, persistency and caring.


My suggestion, with very limited knowledge on databases and management software is to pursue new software that meets the high priority needs of you and the recipients. You probably know much of these things but perhaps a simple needs analysis and or questionnaire could help. Below is a website that provides info on existing software. In there somewhere may be one that can achieve much of what you are now doing. 


Of course, there will be a price associated with it – purchase, maintenance and support. I’m sure you can find some volunteers with knowledge and experience to form a study team and perhaps provide some help with ongoing management and involvement.


It’s one thing to provide ideas and something else to become involved. I have some experience in consulting and management and will help if you want to go in that direction. If not, I will help where I can and you see a need.


Quick thoughts on funding – look for simple solution that addresses most of your needs – from years of reading and participating in "News & Clues"; it is obvious that many alumnus have done quite well and should be able to contribute to implement a solution. Also, anytime you ask for help, you have received great support. Thanks  ~ Mike Harris

*** Hang in there Bev. I, as my computer geek keeps telling me, lack a computer Gene to handle even the most simple problems. ~ Dave

*** I can't help with a website but we do have an alternative to having nothing. We could set up a Google account for AHST and get 15MB of free Google Drive storage where we could post N&C & other stuff like deceased lists, missing lists, pictures, etc..


If we use Google Docs and/or Google Sheets (rather than PDFs), that content will not count toward the MB limit.


Let me know if you reach your wits end with the website process and want to explore the Google option.


I'm talking about a way to preserve the history if the website has to go away.


Also, Bill Satterfield's son Joel was the primary architect of the old AHS62 website - you might want to contact Jean Satterfield to see if he could be of any help. ~ Charles


*** I understand your problems— I’m also a dinosaur with two much smaller sites—and it is a pain to try and keep current — I am embarrassed by mine. But I say what the heck — at least we try and that is more than a lot of folks do, especially at my--you are much younger—age. We are blest. Remember they can’t take that away from you!  ~ Tommyt

*** Yes I am in England - my brother was born in Albany but my sister and I in England. I go over to America to visit family or work related sometimes. I understand how difficult it is to even think about learning new things - there are so many new innovations in this technological age. I think it is impressive what you have done so far, and to have started in 2002 - well I can imagine that was some learning curve in itself. I did not grow up using computers and and at 55 years, I am probably the last generation not to have been introduced to them at a young age. I think it is second nature for the young! Maybe someone at the High School would be interested in setting this up with another web program for you, or would that be still a bother?

*** I understand how difficult it is to even think about learning new things - there are so many new innovations in this technological age. I think it is impressive what you have done so far, and to have started in 2002 - well I can imagine that was some learning curve in itself. I did not grow up using computers and and at 55 years, I am probably the last generation not to have been introduced to them at a young age. I think it is second nature for the young ! Maybe someone at the High School would be interested in setting this up with another web program for you, or would that be still a bother ? Are you just dealing with Albany or the other schools? ~ Mary McLeod


*** I also took it wrong and thought the newsletters would be no longer!!! I was sad at that thought. It means so much to so many of us. ~ Betty Dunn Logan (1949)


*** You have worked tirelessly for so long. I know you never meant for this to get as big as it is, and you truly deserve for someone to take it over - although no one could do what you have done. Let me ask my brother how to go about transitioning - he may have some ideas on how to transfer files or fix formats. Anything I could do to help would be a very small token of appreciation of what you have done bringing together AHS alumnae for so many years. Please know that we appreciate all your hard work, and I personally have been blessed to have known you and read your work every month.  Much love, ~ Lynne Johnson

*** Don't give up on the site yet! We will find a way to save it. It is too good to lose.

~ Betty Rehberg (’74)


*** You've done a wonderful job keeping all of us "Indians" up to date and informed on alumna/alumnae doings. I agree with Judy, if you can find a way to continue please let us know what we need to do. Wish I was a computer publishing guru and could assist.  Thank you!!

~ Connie Cannon Flowers (64)

*** What you have done has been amazing. I don't know how you accomplished all you far beyond my knowledge and expertise. We are so fortunate that you took this on years ago and have kept it going this long. My thanks to you for all of your hard work.

~ Marion Underwood Gandy (’54)

~ I have never met you, but I feel like you are an old classmate I could just walk up to and hug. You do a great job filling all of us Indians in on what is happening in Albany and how wonderful it's past was. Especially growing up there. You remind us of how lucky we were. You have worked very hard and deserve a great "thank you" for Albany High Times. Keep it up as long as you can.

~ Richard Simpson (’48)


In Memoriam ...

Not where I breathe, but where I loved ... I live!


*** Linda Richard Wigelsworth, Class of 1962

*** James Barnwell McLeod (may be listed as Barnwell McLeod). Daughter thinks he graduated in 1938 or 1939

*** Whitney Blake Strickland, class unknown

*** Elizabeth "Betty" Dean Bultman, Class of 1946; sister of Pat Dean ('48), Jim "Sonny" ('57), and Art Spies ('62)

*** Wayne Goolsby Class of 1967

*** Joyce Melanie Gerst Campbell, Class of 1964

*** Russell Allen, Class of 1964

*** Cecil Strickland, Class of 1965

*** Tom Hamilton, Class of 1962

*** Harris J. Cook, Class of 1960


*** Judy Kelley Reynolds, Class of 1960

*** Note: Thanks to all who send notices and/or obituaries of AHS Indians inside or outside of Albany. We may not otherwise be aware of our losses.

Class email notices and/or obituaries are first sent to the deceased's class, and if relatives are Indians, to the classes of the spouse, child, or parent(s), as soon as possible. Each is then listed, in the Albany High Times' "News & Clues", and also added the following month to the Albany High Times' "In Memoriam" webpage:

Please send any corrections or additions to



*50th Wedding Anniversaries* and Beyond


Sandra Williams (Class of 1960) and Jack T. (Class of 1957) Sadler celebrated their 55th Wedding Anniversary. They were married on January 14, 1962.

NOTE:  Please send your full name (first, last and maiden name) to  



*** CLUES ***


*** Hmmmm ... all out!





*** Not an AHS graduate, but an Albany “institution” for many. I listened to him on radio for years and took my kids to look at his Christmas lights every year. It doesn’t seem like Christmas since he stopped lighting his home. ~ Bruce Garey ('63)

Rev. Walter Henry Flint, Jr., 93,

Passed away Friday, March 10, 2017

Flint was born Feb. 20, 1924 in East Orange, New Jersey to Walter H Flint originally of Nottingham England and Ruth A Hellman Flint originally of Denver Colorado. Music was important in the family. As the three children aged, sister Ruth played piano, sister Evelyn Jane became a very accomplished violinist and Walter played the cello. Walter, a lifelong bachelor, claimed that a bachelor was a man that did not make the same mistake once.

After starting his college career at nearby New Jersey State Teachers College in Newark, NJ, Flint enlisted in the US Army, and spent one year in India building and running radio stations for the armed forces. During his stay in India, Flint's requisition for Christmas lights was turned down. He then requisitioned a large quantity of radio dial indicator bulbs and made his own light display.

After the war, Flint returned to New Jersey to complete his Bachelor of Science degree from NJSTC (later becoming Kean University). After that he began graduate work at Columbia University in New York City in communications before receiving a phone call in 1948 from an army buddy, Milt George, asking Flint to move to Albany GA and work at the WGPC radio stations. Flint did engineering work and other station duties in addition to hosting the morning wake up show for 20 years. Flint liked Albany and swimming at Radium Springs, so soon had his parents and sisters moving to Albany.

Flint's second career was as an audio equipment company. Flint provided sound systems to residential, church and theater clients around Southwest Georgia and neighboring states.

Flint's third career was started in 1954 when he became a pastor of the Elmodel Presbyterian Church. In 1976, Flint also became the lay pastor for the Mars Hill Christian Church in Whigham, GA. In 1979, Flint received an Extraordinary Ordination in both the Christian and Presbyterian churches, substituting a series of tests for attending Seminary School. In 1986, Rev. Flint also became pastor of the Ft. Gaines Presbyterian Church after ending his service to the Mars Hill Church. It became a long day getting to Ft. Gaines for Sunday morning services each week and then Elmodel for services Sunday evening. The two churches gathered together to celebrate events like the 50th anniversary of Flint pastoring the Elmodel Church.

Flint honored his sister by donating the Janie Flint Lodge to First United Methodist Church's Kamp Kirksey and a new steeple on the Elmodel church. He also honored his former friend and pastor by building the Frederick Wilson Chapel at Kamp Kirksey. When the Ft. Gaines church built a new fellowship hall, they named it for Flint. Flint donated funds to build a youth recreation center at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Albany. While Flint was recovering from a broken foot in the Lee County Health and Rehabilitation Center, he learned the nurses had to manually crank the beds to position the patients. Flint purchased 49 new electronic beds to upgrade the facility. The Center later thanked him by naming the rehab wing after him. Flint set up a fund within the Flint River Presbytery to help support small churches.

Flint retired in 2013 from the Elmodel Presbyterian Church after 59 years and in 2015 from the Ft Gaines Presbyterian church after 28 years of faithful service.

Flint is probably best known for decorating his Third Ave. Tutor house for over 50 Christmas seasons. The display outlined the house and yard along with the path in white lights. Trees were shown in various colors. The Christmas music was played through a speaker built into the lamp post. To many, the highlight of the display was Santa driving a specially lit, including rotating wheel lights, convertible out of the yard. Over the years a number of cars were used on the display including an MG, brown Jaguar XKE, red Jaguar XJ, 1923 Ford Model T Coup, Dune Buggy, Jeep Renegade, Mustang, Cutlass, and a Porsche 914. Feelings were strong in 1960 when Santa was kidnapped out of the car by youthful abductors who will not be identified here. Santa was later found in the bed of a pick-up truck parked at Midtown Shopping Center with a beer in his hand. The Albany Police Department found and returned Santa to be replaced in the display.

The Christmas display was the subject of the Easter Seals of Southern Georgia's 2007 Christmas Ornament. At the time, the ornament outsold all others as a fund raising effort for Easter Seals.

Flint was distinguished with a letter from the entire board of the Coca-Cola Company for officiating at the funeral of Coke Chairman, Robert Woodruff.


*** Indian Interests*** 



*** I feel that in general, southern history is overlooked and very much misconstrued … looking at it from a great distance away. It would be good to ‘get the record straight’ as my Dad used to say.


The South is full of the most polite people I have ever met anywhere ... with common sense, a wry sense of humour and respectfulness added into the bargain!  

~ Mary McLeod (daughter of AHS Indian James Barnwell McLeod (’38 – ’39), who settled in England


*** YOU ASKED ***


? ~ To Whom it may concern: I have been all over our website trying to find a Varsity Baseball schedule for 2017. I love all the history that it has providing but I really could go for a schedule in this era. Thank you.

~ Samantha Moore Stagg ('84)
A~  Samantha ... Truth is ... in nearly 15 years, we have never provided any sports' schedules. There are many other features, however, that you might enjoy! Glad you are enjoying the history! Would you like to be added to the addressbook for Albany High Times?

~ Beverly Smith Herrington

A~ Thank you for the invitation, that is wonderful of you to ask!

~ Samantha Stagg, Class of '78 ?


? ~ I am trying to find any yearbook pictures of my uncle, John Lee Croft (born 7/1/1941, died 4/12/1971).  I don't know what year he graduated or if he even did graduate, but if anyone there has any information at all that they can share, I would be eternally grateful. Thank you.

Lama J Huff

Assistant Research Technologist IACUC

Administrator Merial Ltd
1730 Olympic Dr

Athens, Georgia 30601

A~  John Lee Croft was G. Croft's nephew, but we don't know what year he graduated. He was killed in an auto accident. He will ask some of the younger Crofts and let you know.

~ Laverne Cato Croft ('54)

? ~ Found in my brothers library ... 1928, 1929, 1930, year books in excellent condition.  If someone would like to look over, please contact:

~ Pat Dugan (brother of  Michael P. “Mike” Dugan, Class of 1968)


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