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 134th Edition ~  March 28, 2018

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. . .  just a small town in South Georgia that grew the best kids ever raised!!
                                                                                                        ~ Tom Herrington, Class of 1956

Friends ... the long and winding road ... has led us back to this website program for publishing Albany High Times' "News & Clues". With all the trouble I was having with the "new" program, I borrowed a "tool" from that "new program" and it looks like it will work. I have re-posted last month's issue, though I still have some tweaking to do ... but, hallelujah! You can read everything and SEE THE PICTURES (smile). It does not look like I spent as much time as I did ... but the words are there ... hope you enjoy what your fellow Indians have provided!!!
Let's just see how this works ...
~ Beverly Smith Herrington

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January - February "News & Clues" Issue with pictures


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!!! INDIAN PRIDE !!!  



        Our Indians Who Served!!! 



* Jesse Way, Class of 1952

* Wes Darley, Class of 1958

* Seaborn Jackson Curry, Class of 1965



Take Time to Browse the following!!!

*** If you have served, please let me add your name! I will need: 
1. Your full name: (maiden and married names)

2. PLUS your AHS class year!

  Email to:






*** 2018 Reunions ***



May 4th and 5th 2018

All classmates of AHS Class of 1958, please mark the weekend of May 4 and 5, 2018, on your calendars for our reunion. 

All activities will be held at Merry Acres Inn in Albany.

If you have any questions, please call me at AC 828 389-3911; text me at AC 828; AC 828 516-8080; or email me at
~ Linda Cullom Jordan



*** Class of 1978 *** 

40th Class Reunion!!
June 8 & 9, 2018!


Albany High & Westover High
Classes of 1978's
40th Class Reunion 
 will be held
Merry Acres Inn & Event Center in Albany

* A casual gathering at the Manor House Pub will be held at Merry Acres Friday, June 8 at 6pm. The main event is planned for Saturday, June 9 from 7pm until midnight.

* Entertainment will be provided by RELAPSE - Southwest GA’s Party Band in the Merry Acres Event Center Ballroom. Heavy hors d’oeuvres will be provided and a cash bar will be available.

* The cost to attend is $78 per person or $125 per couple
Checks and money orders can be made payable to AHS/WHS Reunion

Mail to: AHS/WHS Reunion, P.O. Box 71053, Albany GA 31708.
*** Please note on your check on the memo line
if you are AHS or WHS grad.

Out of towners are offered a special room rate at Merry Acres.

Mention AHS/WHS 40th Reunion for the group rate!
Merry Acres Reservations (888) 462-7721 or (229) 435-7721

Please help spread the word by sharing this post or copy and paste to share.

FMI contact any of these committee members: 

Angie Stokes Barber, Jill Miller Dervan, Lisa Duffer, Debi Hayes Farmer, Sheryl Nichols Giles, Dion Hurd, Mary Fox Newcomb or Eddie Williams. 

Make plans now for June 8 & 9, 2018! We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at our 40th!!!

Keep checking the AHS/WHS Class of 78 Facebook page for more information!*

~ Sam Lee
321 Saint Clair Drive
Leesburg, GA 31763
(229) 446-2328

*** Class of 1963 *** 
55th Class Reunion
October 5th & 6th 2018!

The Class of ’63 is planning our 55thclass reunion for October 5th and 6th 2018. 

We will have a block of rooms reserved at Merry Acres and will have registration and a “Meet and Greet” at the Gazebo at 6:00 pm on Friday.

The Saturday Dinner / Dance on the 6th will be at Chehaw’s Creekside

*** Time “to be announced”.  Check information posted on our face book page:

AHS '63 Reunion - Our 55th - Albany, GA

“Save the Date” cards were sent out in the fall of 2017.  If you did not receive yours, you might need to update your contact information by calling or sending it to:

*** Marian Chambless Sherman and John Sherman ***

(229) 439-9664



*** Tribe Notes ***


In a previous issue the following appeared: Glynn Belle-Isle asked about the whereabouts of Mike Jones in the Jan-Feb "News and Clues." I have information. If you can have him contact me at I can steer him in the direction he is seeking. Thanks.
~ Pete Brandon AHS '61

Response from Glynn Belle-Isle: Thank you so very much, Ms. Beverly! Pete was a neighbor of mine in Albany. Have sent email to him. Look forward to meeting with him again as well. The connections you provide are so appreciated. Thanks,
~ Glynn, AHS Class on '60

Response from BSH: Just got goosies!!! So glad for you two!!! Is this something I can add to March newsletter - or not?

Response from Glynn: Yes Ma'm ! Not only reconnected with Mike Jones, but also our high school side kick, Pete Brandon. We were all band members as well. Talk about "goosies" - what a blessing. Thank you!
~ Glynn Belle-Isle '61

I once claimed the class of '62 because I received my diploma with members of that class. But, I thought about it for a while.

Here is the way I see it now ...

When I first walked into AHS as a freshman in September of 1957 (the last 9th graders to enter AHS), I was a member of the class of '61. I was among all my friends from AJHS and Palmyra with whom I had grown up and shared experiences and, as you point out, bonded. Tina was one of them.

When 1961 finally came around, 98% of my peers departed without me and I was left behind with who were once "underclassmen" (plus that 2% who were in the same boat as I.) I knew many of them, but we shared few memories of pre-AHS days.

Silas and I and several more I could name are members of the class of '61, regardless of when or if we graduated. We were delayed in getting our diplomas by a year due to various reasons, most of which fall under the category heading "unfocused".

That is my opinion, but in regard to being consistent, I have seen in some AHS related "articles" the names of people who passed away while in high school or even younger who are referred to as members of a certain class. There also are at least three cases I know of where people had to withdraw from school under the old 'no married students" rule, so they failed to graduate. But I see them listed as members of the class they would have graduated with had they remained in school and made passing grades.

So, there should be one rule applied uniformly. Since deceased students and withdrawn students appear to be assigned the class identity they would have enjoyed if unfortunate things had not occurred, then it seems logical to apply the same standards to those who didn't appreciate education as much as they should have and got delayed diploma-wise.
Paul Webb, Class of 1961

The latest Times is full of great info. I wanted to let you know that I am unable to see the photos. What I see in place of them is a square with a question mark in it. I am able to open all links, though, even those that include photos. I realize this may be a problem only on my end…just letting you know.
Anita Mock Hudgens, Class of 1964

~ Thanks Anita ... I had problems with the "new" web program. It is a BETA program ... new, but still "in progress" and could cause problems. Well problems it gave, so to get out an issue, I decided to send via regular email. On my end, it looked fine ... but not to the readers ... pictures disappeared. So I decided to send an attached document ... which meant the pictures would be there, but was not a long-time solution. So I have returned to my original web publishing program with the addition of running everything (except pictures) through NOTEPAD ... and for the time being, that works ... just takes twice as long to put together.

Thanks so much for your persistence in creating the newsletter. It means so much to all of us receiving it to stay connected. The building may be closed, but you keep our school spirit alive, and we do appreciate that so much!!!
~ Martha LeSueur Nicholson ('56)

Appreciate all you do to keep us relevant and in touch. Hang in there.
~ Dave McIntyre

Tried to do some detective work for you, Beverly. Col. Clark’s parents are buried in Oakview Cemetery here in Albany. I think Eugene R. Clark, Jr. was Albany’s mayor in 1972, still living. Hope I’ve got that right.

Google does not know or have a list of AHS graduates since the beginning of time?

That would be a good project for someone younger than 88.
~ Bill Huggins, Class of 1947

Jane Bass Culpepper, class of 1950, pointed out to me an error in dates that we need to correct. In the Jan/Feb newsletter, it says that the last 12 grade class graduated in 1951. Actually, our class was the last 11 grade class (class of 1950). 1951 was a very small class made up of those who stayed back another year in order to take more academic classes, play football, etc. when we had class reunions we always included them because they were a part of our elementary and junior high years, but were too small in number to have their own activities. If you have a copy of our 50th reunion book, you can see how we included them. Thanks for ALL you do, Beverly.
P.S. when I gave up my home to be in Assisted Living, we boxed up all the AHS information, along with some of Lamar's 1946 and gave them to Thronateeska Heritage Museum 's new climate controlled archives.
~ Evelyn Butler Clifton, Class of 1950

I work part-time at a very nice retirement facility in Jacksonville. I discovered the other day that one of our residents is a 1950 Graduate of AHS. Please add her to your mailing list. Her name is Frances Chambers Dillon. Turns out her daddy, Jack Chambers, was circulation manager of The Albany Herald when I first started selling newspapers "on the street" in the late 50's.
Thanks, sorry to hear about your husband,
~ Bo Lewis, Class of 67

New email address! Thanks,
~ Carolyn Malone Dukes, Class of 1961

You are doing a great job and we appreciate all of your hard work.
~ Ann Hancock Lesue, Class of 1955

Thank you!!!
Lynn Seymour Mashburn, Class of 1968

Ann Rainey Griffeth ('59) was one of the sweetest people I’ve ever known. She will be sorely missed by her family and friends.
~ Jim Bill ('56)

Don Merritt is AHS 1970. Just sad. Thanks,
~ Karen Oakes Smith, AHS 1969

Will you please forward my email address to Peggy Houston Henderson ('53), a dear friend I’ve lost touch with.
Many thanks,
~ Carolyn Schraeder Unruh ('53)

Thanks for sending this out.
Ann Rainey Griffeth, Class of 1959, was a dear lady and I had great respect for her. I never knew Ronnie but surely he is a fine gentleman to be able to “land such a catch.”
Cheers and blessings,
~ Harold Carter ('59)



In Memoriam ...

Not where I breathe, but where I loved ... I live!


Donald Cobb Merritt, Class of 1970

Kate Mitchell Henderson, Class of 1952
Ann Rainey Griffeth, Class of 1959
James Franklin Johnston, Class of 1956; brother of Bobby Johnston, Class of 1958
Margie Matthews Stocking, Class of 1964
Howard Bedenbaugh, Jr., Class of 1952
Wesley “Weso” Glenn Reynolds, Class of 1997
Gordon Erle Mills, husband of Betty West Mills, Class of 1955
William “Bill” A. Cecille, husband of Ann Bass Cecille, Class of 1955
Tamara L. Martin Mills, daughter of Elizabeth Norras Wolfe, Class of 1957
Marguerite Bridges Brumbley, class unknown
Chester Morris Clark, class unknown 




FYI: Class email notices and/or obituaries are first sent to the deceased's class, and if relatives are Indians, to the classes of the spouse, child, or parent(s), as soon as possible. Each is then listed, in the Albany High Times' "News & Clues", and then added the following month to the Albany High Times' "In Memoriam" webpage:

Please send any corrections or additions to  


*50th Wedding Anniversaries* and Beyond


Walter William Dees, Class of 1955, and Janet Dees enjoyed a 62nd ANNIVERSARY March 25, 1956, with their GREATGRAND CHILDREN, Logan 8 and Heidi 2 years!  So much FUN!!

Robert English, Class of 1954, and Doris Staton English, Class of 1956, celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary December 22, 2017, with a cruise to Hawaii!

John Paul Jones, Class of 1947 (Albany High School on Jefferson St.) and Laura NAN P. Jones will celebrate 63 years of marriage on July 31 2018. Nan came to Albany in August l954, to teach school. Paul returned home June l954, from 4 years in the Navy. They met at First United Methodist Church Albany, Paul's home church where they were married on July 31, l955. Two of their daughters and one granddaughter were married at First United Methodist Albany!

NOTE:  Please send with your anniversary information, including your full name (first, last and maiden name, plus CLASS) to



We Welcome Our New

"News & Clues" Subscribers!!!

***  Please add me to distribution list and the veteran list.
~ Wes Darley ('58)  




*** CLUES *** 





Please, when emailing information to Albany High Times for "News & Clues" ...  send ALL the information listed below:
1) First name
2) Last name (plus girl's maiden and married names)
3) Class year

This is so I don't have to look up that info for the many who sign their first name only.  Honestly folks ... I spend way too much time looking up this information, and I can tell you, one of the things people love, is to read something from special friends ... so if you sign only "Mary" or “Bob”, that means I have to look up your full name and class ...  HELP  PLEASE!
Also ... some are posting messages to me on 
FB Messenger, FaceBook, or to my PERSONAL email as a tool to send AHS news and information for "News & Clues". These, too, make extra work for me.  So, please send your Albany High Times and/or "News & Clues" postings ONLY to this email address:
What you send is important!  But going forward, I can only accept information emailed to
~ Beverly Smith Herrington, Class of 1955!!!




*** Yes, we all learned to write/type this as ... class of 1955.

However, in the Albany High Times, the name of your class is entered as a TITLE because it is important ... and because, frankly my friends, I don't agree with the rule (smile)!!! 




~ Two True Short Stories ~


Joann Roark Arneson ‘62

"Snickers Marathon and Half Marathon"



March 3, 2018


The day was beautiful, promising sunshine and pleasant temperatures, especially for the runners. For me, I was wearing my gloves, warm coat, and hat! I was standing on the corner of 13th and Palmyra Road (across from Easter Seals). This has been my corner for 9 or more years – possibly all 12 years of the marathon. It has benefitted the Willison Hospice House, where I volunteer, since the beginning. I’m just a cheerleader and road marshall. The stars of the show are the runners, who come from everywhere.

The race starts and ends near riverfront park. The runners go through Albany State College and Darton College, winding thru neighborhoods, including some of Doublegate and Rawson Circle, and through the old train depot. They say it is a fairly flat course with a few “rolling hills”.

There were 574 half marathon runners and 490 marathon runners. They came from states close by and others such as AZ, CO, NY, VT, and one I had to search to figure out NS – Nova Scotia. I was pleased to find a classmate, Jay Pryor. He finished 3rd in his age group in the half marathon with a time of 2:15:11. YEA JAY!!

For runners in the full marathon, the USATF-certified course is a Boston Marathon qualifier. I think 107 of the runners qualified for the Boston. To find more information about the race or runners go to

One potential runner, granddaughter of Dr. Carl Hancock ’56, Courtney Kieffer of Navarre Beach, FL, changed her mind. She explained her reluctance to enter the race by showing her grandparents a “doctor’s report,” which was an ultrasound image of their first great-grandchild!

Many volunteers were along the route to cheer and encourage the runners. I have a friend with me who is also a hospice volunteer and an Indian, Diane Sizemore Deese ‘88. She brings her grandmother’s cow bell. I am known for my bells. I was delighted to have a little boy with his mother for a while. He was wearing a mask, blue cape with stars on it and an infectious smile. He only wanted a “high five” or a smile from the runners. We saw many running off with big smiles!



"Emerald Coast Cruizin – Spring 2018"

March 7 – 10, 2018


The South’s best blast from the past is a family fun event. Thousands of classic cars, hot rods, custom cars and trucks come to Aaron Bessant Park at Pier Park in Panama City Beach, Fl. This is the second year for the spring show, added to complement the annual fall show that celebrated 13 years in November. More than 100 vendors were set up. This spring there were 2,249 folks who came.

Folks came not only to see the cars and there were some beauties, but also to meet, greet and watch an Auto Tech Demo by Cristy Lee. Others set up chairs in front of the amphitheater to hear music by: Georgia Clay Band, Reasonable Doubt, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Barry Fish Band, and Louisiana LeRoux.
Among those attending were eight Corvettes from the Albany Corvette Club who caravanned from Albany, GA, for the event. Eleanor Simpson Banks (’62) invited Joann Roark Arneson (’62) to join her in her blue 2014 Corvette Stingray Convertible. Stan (Deerfield Class of {’69}, but was an Indian in 10th grade) and Margie Jones traveled in their 2014 Stingray Convertible (dark green with a tan top). Others from the club attending were: Mike and Gwen Zolomy, Doug and Kaye Haas, Vaughn Fudge, Tracy Cosper, Jason Mylels, Mike Irwin, and Gary Jackson.

The Albany Group enjoyed meals at Shuckum’s, Mike’s Diner, and Grand Marlin. The final show was a “Rockin to the Oldies, Tribute to the Legends show by Todd Herendeen. He had music from Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Neil Diamond, Elvis and more. Todd now has his own theater with a showroom filled with memorabilia including a couple of vintage motorcycles.


*** YOU ASKED ***


?  ~  

I was a graduate of Albany High School in 1966 and I was sad to learn of the 2017 closing.
I was curious about the new location, if any, of the Albany High Sports Hall of Fame. I sent in an application recently for my track achievements which included an Indoor World Record set in 1970 while running for the University of Kansas. This feat got me inducted into the Kansas University Hall of Fame in 1978. In 1991, I set another World Record in mountain climbing which got me recognition in Guinness Book of Records. As I get closer to meeting my Maker, I thought I would submit an application for the Albany High School Sports Hall of Fame, which I did just last year. Just wondered if my effort is down the drain. Thank you for any response you have the time to make,
~ Dennis Stewart (’66) 



In response to the question posed by Dennis Stewart, Class of ‘66, I am a member of the Board of Directors and a former president of that entity, and we should be meeting before the end of March to consider the applications for induction. As expected, we have quite a few of highly accomplished athletes, some of whom have been on the agenda for years. If a person is not voted in the first year or two his/her application is on file, the application will be considered during the following years. As stated by you, we didn’t meet last year because of the devastation wrought by the two successive tornadoes, but we will resume our selection process and induction banquets/ceremony this year. The accomplishments briefly stated by Dennis in his e-mail to you certainly places him in a highly qualified status. If the Sports Hall of Fame ever considers marbles as a “sport” I may submit my application. Thanks for all you do to keep us connected.

Jerry Brimberry (‘57).

P.S. please share this info with Dennis 






Vintage Albany Georgia was created by Betty Rehberg, Class of 1974. 

If you have not joined ... you are missing many treasures of Albany!


"Goodbye My Lady" celebration

Walter Brennan Videos and B-Roll Footage | Getty Images 


And don't miss Betty's  ...

~* HOME *~

~ Albany Georgia! 

A special video made by Betty Rehberg ...with a trip through Albany as it was ... 

FaceBook destroyed the beautiful music ... but the pictures are worth a look!!!




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