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 131st Edition ~ 11/31//2017

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. . .  just a small town in South Georgia that grew the best kids ever raised!!


*** This issue contains "news" from September 30th and continues through November 30th. 

~ See "Note"  in "Clues" Section ~

It's Here!!

The 2017 Easter Seals' Christmas Tribute to

Albany High School

I received the Easter Seals Ornament!  I love it!   I have always loved Albany and all my time there and  really miss it and them!  So many wonderful memories! 

~ Helen Percilla B., Class of 1944



!!! INDIAN PRIDE !!!  



Sadly, we lost out "Oldest Living Indian", Chester Green at Age 101 ...

Here are two letters recently submitted ... in the order received ...

Who is now the oldest AHS Indian on your mailing list?  I  have a cousin....Bob Wolf.... who is 98 and was in the 1936 graduating class. He now lives in Irvine, Cal.

~ Jerry Schine, Class of 1943


*** My mother is still alive and she will turn 101 on December 8, 2017. She graduated from AHS in 1933 as Mildred Goldsmith.

~ Ed Faber, Class of 1962

SO, WHO WILL BE OUR NEXT "OLDEST AHS INDIAN"? Are there others that qualify?

Please submit to Albany High Times by December 15, 2017 at 






        Our Indians Who Served!!! 


George Sterne (D), Class of 1949

* Amy Jane Ell​is Birzer, Class of 1978



Take Time to Browse the following!!!

*** If you have served, please let me add your name! I will need: 
1. Your full name: (maiden and married names)

2. PLUS your AHS class year!

  Email to:




2018 Reunions




*** Class of 1958 *** 

 60th Class Reunion

May 4th & 5th 2018




Dear Classmates:

Please note our  ... 

Missing Classmates from AHS Class of  1958


If anyone has information about the following classmates, please contact me (contact info below) as soon as possible.  These classmates are: 

John Blakey, Jean Padgett Clark, Buford Connell, Herman Giddens, Leon Hatcher, Ben Jackson, Rebecca Jenkins Kerr, Jan Davis King, Jeanine Phillips Law, Reginald Paige, Mary McCrary Waddell, and  Quinnon Walker


Call Linda Cullom Jordan   828 389-3911 (Home)   or     828 516-8080 (Cell)       

or  E-mail address 

... and don't forget ....

Plans are now being made for our 60th class reunion in 2018.  We have booked Merry Acres Inn for Friday and Saturday nights, May 4 and 5, 2018.

Please mark this first weekend in May 2018 on your calendars and make your plans to attend. Please talk it up with other classmates and encourage them to come as well.


If you would, I ask that all of you please get in touch with me so I can get your updated information and can put together a current mailing list.


You may call me at my home (828 389-3911) or call/text me on my cell phone (828 516-8080). Or you can email me at or write me at 299 Old Homestead Lane, Hayesville, North Carolina 28904.


I look forward to hearing from you.

~ Linda Cullom Jordan


*** Tribe Notes ***


*** Please change my email address. I attended AHS through the 11th grade, and would have graduated AHS Class of 1968. Graduated from DHS where we were bused. Thank you,

~ Judy McKenzie Pate/Signs By Judy

*** At one time you were investigating the Totem Pole that was in front of AJHS and AHS. I have some pictures that I found on line and then some pictures that I took in October of 2011 from the creek.   When Hugh Belcher retired from AJHS he was allowed to take the totem pole with him. He was an AHS graduate, but alas I do not know the year. His wife (widow) who had the home on the creek is Sybil Jones Arnold Belcher ('54). Sybil was librarian when I was teaching at Magnolia.

~ Joann Roark Arneson ('62)

Please change my email address to that listed above as my server has changed. Thanks again,

~ Kay Stovall Jones, Class of  1961

Please change my email address.

~ Gary Dorough (former AHS Principal)  


~ Buster Wasden ('55)

I was so sad to hear of Annelle Stem's passing. I know she was very special to my folks, and her parents were great friends with my grandparents. Thoughts and prayers to the whole family.

~ Lynne Garrison Johnson

What a tribute to Chester Green, Class of 1933 (formerly AHS Oldest Living Indian)! Thank you for sharing. We all have a story waiting to be told...a life to be lived for the benefit of others ... maybe not for 102 years! I am grateful that he became closer to God as he aged. I hope some of our alumni will be able to attend his receiving of friends or service.

~ Anne Chestnut Rackley ('66)

Thanks for sending this obituary out about Danny Conyers. I remember him well. He was in my home room class.

~ Phil Cook, Class of '67

You had asked who knew the graduating AHS year for Jenny Alberson. It is 1964.

~ Eileen Wray, M Ed., Class of 1968

William "Billy" Warren, Class of 1947, passed away some time on Nov. I failed to save his obit in the Albany Herald. He lived in Thailand and was an accomplished writer and artist. You can google William Warren and get a whole lot of info.  He lived on the corner of Tift & Washington when we grew up.  


NOTE: I had hoped to find a picture and/or obituary for Billy, but you may want to peruse these links. He is an Amazing Indian!  ~ BSH
2. ~ Bill Huggins, Class of 1947

Thanks for sending this out the obituary for Danny Conyers. I remember him well. He was in my home room class.

~ Phil Cook, Class of '67

I shared a few comments at Chester Green (AHS 1933) service. When I mentioned that among his many accomplishments, he was also the oldest AHS Indian ... there were a lot of smiles!  He enjoyed reading the AHS Times and was proud to carry the honor.

~ W. Walter Green III, Class of 1967


In Memoriam ...

Not where I breathe, but where I loved ... I live!


***  George B. Mock, Jr., Class of 1946; brother of Marianne, Class of 1954 and Anita, Class of 1964


***  Danny Conyers, Class of 1967

*** Virgil W. Milton III (Chip), Class of 1975; brother of Melissa and James (Jay) Milton

***  Anna Pollock Bliss, Class of 1956; sister of Jamie Pollock, Class of 1969

***  Dr. Hill Benjamin Grace, Born 11/28/22

*** James Charles “Jimmy” Hayes, born June 1954 (Class Unknown)

***  Ulysses “CC” Thomas Jr., Class of 1977

***  Harold Lee Johnson, Sr., Class of 1954

***  Jema Davis Gray, Class of 1954, sister of Sonny Davis, Class of 1957

***  Linda Giddens Darrah, Class of 1969; sister of Patsy Giddens

***  Patty Stone Ramirez, Class of 1962

***  Karen Frances Poyner Berry, Class of 1955

***  George Sterne, Class of 1949; brother of Lee, Class of 1942, Pauline, Class of 1957, and Carla, Class of 1961, Sterne

***  William "Billy" Warren, Class of 1947

***  Bobby G. Strickland, Class of 1959

*** Phillip Wingate, Sr., Class of 1966

***  Frank Faulk, Jr., Class of 1944

*** Linda Moore, wife of Neal Moore, Class of 1955

***  Joyce Cohen Ogletree, Class of 1960

**** Virgil "Chip" Winfred Milton III  passed away on October 4th at the age of 60




FYI: Class email notices and/or obituaries are first sent to the deceased's class, and if relatives are Indians, to the classes of the spouse, child, or parent(s), as soon as possible. Each is then listed, in the Albany High Times' "News & Clues", and then added the following month to the Albany High Times' "In Memoriam" webpage:

Please send any corrections or additions to


***Teachers ...


Yes! They Did Make A Difference!*** 



Teachers from 1st grade to graduation shaped our lives!  We loved some ... we disliked some!  But each contributed, in some way, to whom we became!  Many students were fortunate to learn "life lessons" from a favorite teacher(s).

Even though Susan Riffe O'Neal's ('54) family moved away during her Freshman year at AHS, she still remained in touch with classmates (once an Indian ... always an Indian)!  She also joined a group of Indians from several classes who began emailing shortly after Albany High Times began!   This group has stayed in touch for nearly14 years!!!

Recently, I opened one of those emails and noticed Susan's response to that AHS group.  The discussion was ART!  I asked if I could use it in "News & Clues" and was delighted Susan said "Yes".  She writes of how a task assignment given by Mrs. Toy Spence, shaped her love of arts history for the rest of her life ...


~ Susan Riffe O'Neal, Class of 1954

One Indian's Experiences

My passion for art history started at McIntosh School in Albany, GA.  Ruth Sawyer and I helped Miss Toy Spence clear out old falling apart books from the school library after someone gave the school a large number of new books. Miss Spence gave me a tattered book on art history that included some of the works that remain my favorite works of art today. I have traveled great distances to see them in places like Rome, Paris, Munich, Vienna, Florence, both Bruges and Chent in Belgium, Amsterdam, Nuremberg, Venice, Paddua, etc.

I wanted to study art history in college, but knew that I would have to have a PhD to be considered for a job, and that since it was the 1950s and I was a woman I still might not get one. I faced facts and majored in English instead.  Every high school in the US had to have at least one English teacher.  I took as much art history as I could fit in my schedule. I might as well have majored in art history because I married a naval officer, and in the 1950s naval aviators' wives were told straight out that we would NOT be employed.  That would wreck our husband's careers. We were given the choice of volunteering with the Red Cross as a gray lady or with the then Navy Relief Society (now Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society although we always served the Marine Corps, too.)  then we were expected to entertain often and well, volunteer for organizations involving Navy Juniors (we do NOT call them Navy brats).

I taught Sunday School at base chapels, was a Cub Scout den mother and a Girl Scout troop leader.  We also had to be ready always to receive official calls and to make them, etc. etc.  I was an "interviewer",  a volunteer case worker for Navy Relief for most of the over 30 years that Ed was in the Navy, ran an on-base thrift shop that raised money for college scholarships for Navy Juniors. Decorated O Clubs for holidays, etc..

That was my life until my husband, Ed, made Captain USN (O6). ( In the other services that would be Colonel.)  That had been Ed's goal as he might be able to do the things he wanted to do and still make Captain, but he would have to do things he would thoroughly dislike to make Admiral (Pentagon duty, for example.)  Once he made Captain and we moved to Norfolk where he "pulled strings" to get an engineering billet for his final tour I indulged myself, did less for the Navy, and joined the docent program at the Chrysler Museum of Art.   I wound up teaching the training classes for the new docents, and researching, writing and teaching training classes for active docents in American art, historic houses, decorative arts, and art glass (the Chrysler Museum has the third strongest glass collection in the US after Corning and Toledo, and ahead of the Met, the National Gallery, Getty, etc.)

I'm sure I could not have enjoyed teaching art history as much anywhere except in a museum.  I also edited the docent newsletter and wrote articles for it as suggested by the curators.  Wonderful time! 


*50th Wedding Anniversaries* and Beyond


Our 64th wedding anniversary was October 10, 2017.  We were married October 10, 1953, in Albany.
Sonny Logan, Class of 1948, and Betty Dunn Logan, Class of 1949

Sara Cox Kofoed, Class of 1958, and her husband Roy, will celebrated their 57th Wedding Anniversary on October 8, 2017.

Gloria Branan Beaudet, Class of 1955, and David married December 3, 1955.  They are celebrating 62 years!

  Eloise King Newton, Class of 1961, and Percy (a Lanier Poet), celebrate their 55th Wedding Anniversary in  December!

NOTE:  Please send with your anniversary information, including your full name (first, last and maiden name), plus CLASS) to



We Welcome Our New

"News & Clues" Subscribers!!!

***  Please add me to your email list. Thanks

~ Dodd McCollum, Class of 1967


*** Please add: Cyrilla Beck Hopkins, Class of 1960. Thanks,
~ Jay Beck ('62)

*** I would like very much to receive a copy of the Albany High Times. John Temp and I both have many fond memories of our high school days! Thanks for keeping the spirit alive!
~ Sarah Phillips, Class of 1966


*** Bob Prevatte, Class of 1958


*** Lynda Harrell Johnson, Class of 1958




*** CLUES *** 





Friends ... I have a lot going on in my home ... and am now a caregiver.  So that is my priority.  Please read below how you can help with the publishing of "News & Clues" (some of you already are ... and I THANK YOU). 


***  When emailing information to Albany High Times for "News & Clues" ... in addition to "signing" your first name ...  please add  (1) your last name (plus girl's maiden and married names), (2) plus your class year, This is so I don't have to look up that info for the many who do not.   Honestly folks ... I spend way too much time looking up this information, and I can tell you, one of the things people love, is to read something from special a friend ... so if you sign only "Mary" that means I have to look up your full name and class ...  HELP PLEASE!


*** Also ... those posting messages to me on FB Messenger, FaceBook, or to my personal email as a tool to send AHS news and information for "News & Clues" ... that is simply not working for me.   Please send only to


Going forward, I will only accept information for News & Clues sent to the following email address:


One last thing ... thanks to all those Indians who responded to my October letter ... just know, I was deeply touched.  ~ Beverly Smith Herrington, Class of 1955!!!



Now For Some Fun!!!

This Month's Albany High Times' Reading Suggestion!

*** From Paul Lockhard ('66):   Click here: Southern Thing 15 Lewis Grizzard quotes we can all (mostly) relate to - Southern Thing






I had started putting together a new author announcement for "News & Clues" in September ... and looking at the clever book cover ... I had an idea!!!  I decided to save it for October!!!  "A Skeleton in the Tree" would be a perfect post!  Instead, on October 31st, I sent a personal letter to dear friends of AHS who receive "News & Clues".  So this month, though late ... I'm introducing an interesting new AHS AUTHOR ...

Lee Sterne, AHS Author - Class of 1942

El Paso, Texas

I published (at the ripe young age of 91) my first novel, A Skeleton in the Tree”, which is available at, http://www.Barnes&  and


I have also just completed the 4th draft of my next book, "Corpus Absentia", hopefully it will be ready for publication before the end of the year



by Bruce Garey, Class of 1963

~ More Billy Chancey~!!!

Your AHT website has a section for Memories, Etc. 

Under that you have a section for "Throwing The Herald"

Click here: Memories from Those Who Threw the Herald.

Under that you have a sub-section for "BILLY CHANCEY"



I worked at the Herald full-time from 1971 until 1982. Bill was already a legend then. He went to school with my brothers. My oldest brother, John Garey (Class of 1953), used to spend time with Billy. Billy didn't interact with many people beyond a few grunts and sparse words. He often sought John out to interact with him (borrow money, fast-draw cap pistols, get a Coke or a candy bar).


During the time I was working in the advertising department, Billy was the self-proclaimed number one¯ street salesman. He usually sold around 100 papers daily in the early seventies. That number declined as time went on. The Albany Mall hit downtown hard and as shops began to close downtown, Billy lost regular customers. By the time I left the Herald, he was lucky to sell 50 papers a day.


The photo I've attached was taken at the Bicentennial Parade in 1976 on Pine Avenue in front of the Municipal Auditorium. Bill was on the Albany Herald parade float. You see him here in his trademark policeman's hat which he wore daily. The metal cart he's pushing was how he sold his papers in his travels around downtown Albany daily. You see Billy waving to the crowd with a rare smile. I seldom saw that smile in my day-to-day interactions with Billy. I would always speak to Bill, but he usually replied only with a grunt (unless he wanted something). People who remember Billy from downtown in the 1970s, will recognize this photographic image of him. Only the smile was rare.


*** YOU ASKED ***



?~  I hope someone can help in my search for names of 3 Sutton sisters.  The eldest (I believe) was Sonia ('57), the second was Cornelia ('62) and both are listed "In Memoriam".  The youngest sister died a few months ago.   I found out through my hair dressers (who was also theirs) that after a massive stroke a few years ago, Hazel recently died.  She had no information where or where I might find her obituary.  I'd like to send a notice to her class and add her name to "In Memoriam". 


Can anyone help?



OK!  Let's Try This One Again!!!!

~ It's A HomeMade Albany Movie ~


NOTE FROM BEVERLY ... the following request was posted in the September issue. Received some answers, but they were all about "Goodbye My Lady".  Read the following again ... it was not a Hollywood movie, but "homemade" by Indians!!!   Put on your thinking caps and see if you can remember anything!!!!

?~    A request ... I've been following the AHS Times for several years and don't recall ever seeing any mention of a short "movie" that was filmed in Albany in the early 1950's and starring our local youths.


I vaguely recall it, but I do remember it being screened in one of local theaters.  I believe that it was produced during a Tift Park summer event and, perhaps stretching my memory beyond its limits, I think it was a mystery about a kidnapping.  

The only "actor" I recall is Jerry Gerst, and that may be a false memory. If this is something that has not been discussed in the Times, I would like for your crack team of investigative reporters to see if anything can be dug up about this.  Maybe Jerry could be of some help.  Wouldn't it be great if the film could be located? 

I'm fairly certain the title was "Kidnapped". Thanks!



     Don't Miss ...

~* HOME *~

~ Albany Georgia! 

A special video made by Betty Rehberg ...with a trip through Albany as it was ... 

FaceBook destroyed the beautiful music ... but the pictures are worth a look!!!




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